Translation of dial in Spanish:


esfera, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdaɪ(ə)l//dʌɪəl/


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    • 1.1(on clock, watch)

      esfera feminine
      • Oh, yeah, it has to be an old-fashioned analog watch, with a dial and hands and all those wheels and moving parts inside.
      • There are watches with big dials displaying the time in different countries, stop-watches for athletes and watches in which one can store telephone numbers.
      • This luminous paint was applied to watch dials, light switches, and even to the costumes of nightclub dancers.
      • After the evening Bible reading, I was sent to bed with a big old alarm clock having a luminous dial.
      • The lighted dial on his watch showed one-thirty a.m. as they exited the cab back at their apartment building.
      • They've built a huge uranium processing facility, which they say produces only glow-in-the-dark watch dials.
      • Logos and brand names are often poorly fixed to the dial of fake watches.
      • The wooden matches were glued to the dial of the manual kitchen timer.
      • The dial on your dive watch would send a Geiger counter into cardiac arrest.
      • Bigger dials may be in fashion, but a regular watch with a small dial is the choice of most people.
      • Death was looking pretty good, compared to another thirty years painting watch dials.
      • The Octopus watch has been launched, obviously with an octopus on the watch dial.
      • Although described as a clock, the time-piece element - the tiny watch dial in the uppermost section - is its least significant feature.
      • The clock dials overlap one another, making for a very pretty, three-dimensional whirring cog effect.
      • Winston looked at the tarnished dial of his watch, it was three a. m.
      • Eight-day clocks with painted dials by the Willard family of Roxbury, Massachusetts, have been extensively studied and documented for nearly a century.
      • I showed him my watch, tapped the dial and then turned away again.
      • He glanced at his watch, the glowing dial reading 5pm, Perton time.
      • When the watch dial is lit, the tick marks appear as lit jewels.

    • 1.2(on measuring instrument)

      cuadrante masculine
      • At no time was there less than one pair of eyes locked on the bank of monitoring computer screens, dials, charts and print-outs.
      • Without a regulator it was the engineer's job to monitor the speed of the thing, to keep it steady, also to keep the pressure below that mark on the dial.
      • The general opened the steel briefcase to reveal a black control panel, full of dials, indicators and buttons.
      • The mechanism was clearly a type of analog computer, using fixed gear ratios to make calculations displayed as pointer readings on a dial.
      • But he could not ignore the air pressure dial as it inched closer to the red.
      • The 575M also has a sensor that enables the driver to check tyre pressures in normal day-to-day driving, courtesy of a dial on the console.
      • Put on some headphones and twist the volume dial until it distorts beyond recognition.
      • Next to the headphone port is a handy volume dial.
      • Let the pressure fall 2 millimeters, or lines on the dial, per second while listening for your heart sounds.
      • I flashed a big smile then grabbed the volume dial and turned it up until it wouldn't go anymore.
      • He appeared to be in the control booth of some sort of laboratory, and he felt almost at home as he studied the dials and gauges in the panel before him.
      • The angled analogue dials are a particularly nice touch with white backgrounds to match the speedo and rev counter.
      • A panel of dials, communications technology and fuel measuring equipment springs to life, beeping and flashing across the cabin.
      • The old scale was analog, with a dial and a pointer that waggled a bit unless you stood perfectly still.
      • I stood on my new evil scales and the dial screamed 11 stone 7.
      • Most of the children are weighed, the smallest kicking and screaming as they are slipped into bags and suspended from scales, the dial sometimes barely registering their existence.
      • The sound annoyed Zack at the time, so he turned the volume dial on the side of it all the way down.
      • Shaped like a set of dashboard instruments, the dials show time, temperature and air pressure.
      • When I say fat people I mean people who are so fat that when they stand on the scales they say 25 kg because the dial has gone all the way around about ten times.
      • Despite all that, this morning I kept the radio on rather than putting on a CD, and I kept the volume control in the bottom area of the dial.

    • 1.3(of telephone)

      disco masculine
      • To be sure, dials and telephones were like new music releases and 45s. Nowadays, it is difficult to find one or the other.
      • Today, that's like trying to sell rotary dial telephones in Sweden.
      • Under lighting restriction orders, a Naval officer at Yarmouth was fined for striking matches in a telephone box to read the dial.
      • In Parts Conversation, several old-fashioned dial telephones are subjected to increasingly severe mutilations.
      • His finger swerves over the dial; the telephone is too slow.
      • When Caligari refuses to let Jane retrieve her car the next morning, she tries to call for help, but there's a lock on the telephone dial.
      • They don't even know about rotary dials there yet, forget the cell phone.
      • Feeling around the dial, her nimble fingers punched in the buttons, and she bit her lip, hoping that her friend would answer.
      • A web browser that uses a rotary phone dial as a custom physical interface.
      • That notion is becoming as quaint as dial telephones.
      • Each compartment had three telephone dials, one for the units, one for the tens and the other for the hundreds.
      • One shop had a telephone with a dial just like the one I remember us having when I was a kid.
      • He heard more of his mother's footsteps, and the peculiar sound of the phone's rotary dial.

    • 1.4(on radio)

      dial masculine
      • The fan-speed adjuster was a rotary knob on the old model, while this model has a flat dial.
      • Turn the film speed dial from the ASA of the film you are using to the next highest film speed.
      • Each has a dial on it that you can twist to measure exactly the amount of spice you want, in 1/4 tsp increments.
      • The oven doesn't work and the numbers on the stove's control dials have been rubbed off, so you're either boiling something or not cooking at all.
      • The iPod volume/scan controls are done by spinning my finger on the round, flat dial on the face of the iPod.
      • Starting in September, fans of Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Looney Tunes titles will have to turn their dials to Cartoon Network.
      • I rotated the dial to the correct numbers and the locker opened.
      • Lacking a tuning dial, they contained individual crystals cut to resonate at specific frequencies.
      • Antavas moved another switch and adjusted a dial on the control panel.
      • You set a dial and the timer turns off the water at the designated time.
      • By rotating the dial, the pivot point or the fulcrum of the brake lever moves in and out.
      • Next Maddy crossed the room to the light switch and used the dial to dim the lights.
      • Increasingly such shows are available on the cable dial.
      • The Akasa fan control system has 3 dials for variable speed fan adjustment.
      • Nadezhda knelt to adjust the tuning dial again, but lost the transmission completely.
      • Net radio provides listeners with something that the local FM dial doesn't: a wide variety.
      • So saying, he touched the transmit button, and slowly turned the tuning dial.
      • In disgust, Amy reaches over and twists the radio dial vigorously.
      • You adjust the dial to a more comfortable setting and go back to your reading.
      • This is a camera where the photographer sees exactly the same image that is exposed to the film and can adjust everything by turning dials and clicking buttons.

  • 2British dated, slang

    jeta feminine slang
    cara feminine

transitive verbdialling, dialled, dialed, dialing

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    you can dial New York direct se puede llamar a Nueva York directamente
    • By dialing a special telephone number, they can access their company's corporate network.
    • She pulls her cell phone out and dials Casey's cell.
    • His cell-phone automatically dials that bistro's telephone number.
    • Reluctantly, I flipped my cell phone open and dialled a familiar number.
    • She began driving again and pulled out her cell phone, dialling her house.
    • Emily began poking at the buttons on the keypad, pretending to dial her friend Janey.
    • As soon as he finds it, he picks up the telephone and dials.
    • Much worse, I found that whenever I tried to dial a phone number the device reset itself.
    • She glanced at the phone for a few seconds before actually picking it up and dialling his cell phone.
    • For travelers who book by phone, an automated telephone system dials the telephone numbers that customers supply with their bookings.
    • It enables PC users to dial land lines and handphones worldwide for a fee.
    • Just like on an old-fashioned phone, you pickup your telephone and dial the number of the person you wish to contact.
    • You can program most cell phones with a particular key that when pressed dials 911 automatically.
    • She decided to do what the DJ said, so she got out her cell phone and dialed the radio station.
    • Grabbing the telephone and quickly dialing the phone number, he wondered why he hadn't thought of this sooner.
    • She pulls out her cellphone, dials, and talks in rapid Russian down the phone.
    • The driver can dial telephone numbers directly by voice input or using controls on the steering wheel.
    • Well, taking his advice, I went home and immediately dialed her telephone number.
    • I grabbed my phone out of my room and dialed her cell phone but got voicemail immediately.
    • Just stop at any public telephone booth and dial to hear messages from near and far.
  • 2US informal


intransitive verbdialling, dialled, dialed, dialing


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