Translation of dialling tone in Spanish:

dialling tone



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    • Snatching up her cell phone, Olivia flips it open - but can't get a dial tone.
    • Is the dial tone of the telephone something that you take for granted?
    • I reached for the telephone, fully expecting to find it dead but I was amazed to find a dial tone.
    • Once the phone has connected and is on, you can pick up the receiver and hear a dial tone, just like a standard model.
    • Then slowly pull the strip out until you hear the dial tone.
    • They know their customers depend on them to pick up a phone whether it's in a hurricane or a disaster, and there will always be a dial tone.
    • She hung up while Eden still held on, listening to the melancholy sound of the dial tone.
    • These are no dial tone, noise on the line, and a dial tone that continues when a number is dialed.
    • He snatched up the receiver, putting it to his ear and listened - no, there was still a dial tone.
    • When you picked up the phone in some of the command units you didn't get a dial tone but a male voice speaking in broken Arabic.
    • He listened and heard the familiar and comforting monotone sound of the dial tone.
    • There was a click; the dial tone a moment later indicating that Miri considered the conversation over.
    • I can't get a dial tone, and I suspect that is related to last week's electrical storm damage.
    • You get a second dial tone, and you can make your overseas call.
    • The telephone emitted a dial tone when he picked it up, but that still left the matter of which number to try.
    • We pick up the receiver and instead of a dial tone, hear nothing but a strange sort of silence laced with static.
    • You plug one or more phones into the converter box, and when you pick up the handset, you hear a dial tone and make a call.
    • I also can't get my head around the idea of actually having to wait for a dial tone and a load of beeping before I can check my mails.
    • Some carriers even provide a dial tone to make you feel like you're using an analog system.
    • There was a click on the other end of the line before I got a dial tone.