Translation of diamond in Spanish:


diamante, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdaɪ(ə)mənd//ˈdʌɪ(ə)mənd/


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    • 1.1

      Mining diamante masculine
      (cut) brillante masculine
      (cut) diamante masculine
      before noun diamond ring anillo de brillantes / diamantes masculine
      • Boucheron won the day, and will be auctioning an exquisite brooch of diamonds, rock crystal, topaz and emeralds, with the cash donated to the new foundation.
      • Long-term prospects are overshadowed by the prospects of a leveling off in diamond mining production.
      • "We have a zero-tolerance attitude towards conflict diamonds ", the President said.
      • Historically, mining - especially for precious gems such as diamonds - played a large role in Liberia's economy.
      • The country is also blessed with plenty of precious minerals such as diamonds, gold, emeralds, amethyst which are all waiting to be exploited.
      • Americans buy 55 % of the world's diamonds compared with 3 % that go to Britain.
      • In mining for precious stones such as diamonds, a method for accurately filtering the gems you want from the surrounding rock and soil is worth its weight in gold.
      • She was wearing a black pants suit and heels, with two diamond stud earrings.
      • The hardest stones, such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, are normally cut and polished and mounted as jewellery.
      • Daly presented her with a 5-carat marquis diamond ring.
      • Gemstones such as diamonds, opals, sapphires, and rubies are produced in Brazil.
      • Industry sources warn that diamond and precious stone scams are plentiful and ever-changing.
      • Then again, diamonds are way more expensive because diamonds are natural gemstones that are rare and are mined from the earth itself.
      • In clear substances such as diamond and corneal tissue, most electrons are locked up in chemical bonds.
      • De Beers mines about 40 percent of the world's diamonds.
      • Turn-of-the-century jewelry both here and abroad was dominated by faceted precious stones, with diamonds predominant.
      • The higher demand for rough diamonds stems from the decline in the stock of polished diamonds at cutting centres.
      • The grains, however, would have to be made up of a crystalline form of carbon: diamonds.
      • Just think the only difference between the graphite in your pencil and diamonds is the way that the atoms are arranged.
      • Once they are mined, cut and polished, diamonds are customarily graded.

    • 1.2(precious person)

      joya feminine
      alhaja feminine

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    rombo masculine
    • The earliest item is a Viking bronze sword pommel from the late tenth century incised with diamond shapes and simplified animal forms.
    • The basic pattern of external eye muscles is a diamond shape.
    • Do it diagonally in both directions, to make diamond shapes.
    • The striking blue diamond shape that dominates the poster is inspired by the cluster of six pyramid-like buildings that comprise the museum complex.
    • She looked overhead and noticed on top of the clock tower, a giant crystal, not as round or red as the one the ship, but a triangular blue diamond shape.
    • His grey polyester slacks have white diamond shape imprints from leaning against the dusty fence.
    • Holes were drilled in a diamond pattern every 12 to 15 inches.
    • Hang tiles in a more original way than squarely - perhaps in diamond shapes or with a patterned one here and there.
    • On our way out of the park again though we saw a cordoned off area of the park, with yellow and black striped tape tied between four trees in a diamond configuration.
    • A ForceFlex bag looks a bit like an overgrown paper towel, with row upon row of embossed diamond shapes.
    • This painting consists of circles and diamond shapes interspersed throughout the composition.
    • Take a look at the most commonly available diamond shapes and decide what you like best.
    • Forward for midfielder, and Larsson goes to the point of a midfield diamond.
    • On the roof, grey Marley tiles were set in diamond pattern.
    • When trying to widen a space, square tiles should be laid in a diamond pattern and rectangular tiles should be laid in a brick or herringbone pattern.
    • Eriksson's midfield diamond formation did not sparkle against Japan, with Frank Lampard looking unsuited to the holding role.
    • Blast II is a cluster of elongated diamond shapes in two colors of painted softwood that fan out irregularly from a point on the wall.
    • When he first struck in Heywood, Rochdale, he was wearing a blue fleece with yellow patches on the shoulders and a fawn crew-necked sweater with a diamond pattern.
    • When cold, cut the kiribath into diamond shapes.
    • Score the inner side in a diamond pattern with the tip of a small, sharp knife and then cut into 5cm / 2inch squares.
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    • 3.1Games

      diamante masculine
      • The six cards in each fail suit are ranked like the six lowest diamonds.
      • Regardless of the suit a joker played ‘high’ will defeat any diamond.

    • 3.2diamondsGames

      diamantes masculine
      diamonds is / are trumps triunfan diamantes
      • The familiar suits of hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades were introduced by French cardmakers in the late fifteenth century.
      • The point is won by whichever team takes more cards of the coins suit (or diamonds if you are using international cards).
      • This straight can be of mixed suits, for example: 2 of diamonds, 3 of clubs, 4 of spades, 5 of hearts.
      • One recent day, search crews found an ace of diamonds playing card, a doorknob, a pair of security guard pants, a woman's black wig and a pink toothbrush.
      • While you are playing hombre and diamonds are trumps, the ace of clubs is not a club, it is a diamond.
      • Because of the difference in score, clubs and diamonds are called the minor suits and hearts and spades are the major suits.
      • Therefore the ace of diamonds is the lowest card of its suit when diamonds are not trumps.
      • Each partnership is allowed to have a sustem of agreements on how they will sort the cards of their hands - for example spades on the right and hearts on the left side and clubs and diamonds in the middle.
      • The dealer plays Jack of diamonds (the trump suit) to win control of the circuit.
      • The holder of the three of diamonds adds this extra card to their hand.
      • If the led card is the 6, you may play any card you wish, being void in the diamond suit and thus unable to follow it.
      • This deuce can represent any card value 7-10 in the diamond suit only.
      • In the game Pusoy Dos, played in the Philippines, the order of suits from high to low is diamonds, hearts, spades, clubs.
      • The classic order of suits is hearts above diamonds, and spades above clubs.
      • This is because the highest trump is the opposite of the flipped up card (opposite of hearts is diamonds and the opposite of spades is clubs).
      • For example, playing the queen of hearts indicates to your partner that you have a strong diamonds.
      • This is an announcement that the declarer will win the last trick with the lowest trump - the 7 in a suit contract or the jack of diamonds in a Grand.
      • This is a valid tractor because four in a suit other than diamonds is the next rank above ace.
      • There are four suits (spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs); however, no suit is higher than another.
      • When the reserve cards are equal the suits rank in descending order: spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs.

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    (in baseball)
    • 4.1(area inside bases)

      diamante masculine
      cuadro masculine
      • Field of Dreams tells the story of a baseball diamond created in a cornfield by Ray Kinsella.
      • The park also has four baseball diamonds but Niverville does not have a baseball program for children.
      • The Mets would love to add Furcal, even though they would have to convince him to move to the right on the infield diamond and play second base.
      • The three-plus seconds it takes for a straight steal of home to unfold is by far the most adrenaline-filled spectacle on a baseball diamond.
      • Walking over from his position at third base, Foy crossed the field toward the first base side of the diamond and delivered his own message to Tillotson.
      • I agree with the idea of having each one of the four buttons on the gamepad correspond to their respective bases on the baseball diamond.
      • There was also some square ones oddly enough resembling a baseball diamond… like the one bordering my property perhaps?
      • Using a white substance, he drew an outline of a baseball diamond on his street level window.
      • It was my home on the baseball diamond for 12 years, until my high school coach put me on the mound as a junior and made me a pitcher-outfielder my senior year.
      • Here and now, we enjoy some of the greatest players to ever step on a baseball diamond.
      • The playing area is delineated by two perpendicular lines that converge at the home plate, the focus point of the diamond made up of four bases - home, first, second and third.
      • Like Thome, Butler is going to make the slide across the diamond to first base.
      • In fact, you might be surprised to find yourself throwing out some choice lines based on what happens on the baseball diamond, to the chagrin of your buddy sitting next to you.

    • 4.2(entire field)

      campo (de béisbol) masculine
      • There's an area in front of the baseball diamonds and soccer fields for Frisbee golf.
      • Baseball diamonds were bustling with activity all weekend as there were 44 registered teams competing.
      • To rebuild the baseball diamond at Manzanar is to thank them for retaining their faith in this country, even when they had no reason to do so.
      • DeJesus can do just about everything on the baseball diamond, and even showed a power spike in the Arizona Fall League.
      • Along with his pluses on the baseball diamond, Matsui is sure to be a positive from a business perspective.
      • Enter ABC skate shop and the baseball diamond at Tompkin's Square.
      • Home run sluggers are certainly the gladiators of the baseball diamond.
      • He has bowled on the streets of New York and other cities, at outdoor fairs and festivals, and on baseball diamonds and other fields.
      • Yes, there was - and not just on major league baseball diamonds.
      • The dozen or so who comprise the film crew rush around on the baseball diamond getting ready for the commercial they are about to shoot.
      • My heroes were ballplayers, and every spare minute I had, and even some that I couldn't spare, were spent on the baseball diamond.
      • While in Boston he teamed up with Johnny Sain, another pitcher, and the two became one of the greatest duos ever to grace a baseball diamond.
      • We, like everyone else, have come to expect the extraordinary from Garciaparra on a baseball diamond.
      • I lived only two blocks from high school and grammar school, and there were baseball diamonds and football fields.