Translation of diary in Spanish:


diario, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdaɪ(ə)ri//ˈdʌɪəri/


  • 1

    • 1.1(personal record)

      diario masculine
      to keep / write a diary llevar / escribir un diario
      • You may recall that on his recent tour, Eric Idle kept a witty, engrossing day-to-day online diary.
      • Eligible patients completed a baseline headache diary for four weeks.
      • During all this time every half hour I faithfully updated the electronic diary the consumer people sent me.
      • Meanwhile, the diaries reveal a later life of flamboyant perversity.
      • His diary records the belief that the British would easily defeat the Japanese.
      • I was reading Mother's diary, and in one entry she admitted her secret.
      • A video diary was kept during the trip and has been used to produce a TV documentary.
      • After all, she couldn't deny that she'd read a secret diary or two in her day.
      • Nelson's well-chosen diary extracts are, apart from anything else, hilarious.
      • If the student writes an online diary on an external website, we won't know unless the student tells us.
      • It is difficult to be inspired to keep up with a pen and paper diary because it takes so long to finish each entry.
      • In either case, keep a diary or other written record of events.
      • How can anyone touched by the eloquent pages of Anne Frank's diary become an anti-Semite?
      • Throughout the study, participants kept a daily symptom diary and completed a quality-of-life questionnaire.
      • All participants completed a stress scale questionnaire and kept a daily food diary.
      • A travel diary recording all activities is also required to be kept by members in these circumstances.
      • The diary reveals all of her feelings that she doesn't want anyone to see.
      • I shall write in this diary every night, so that if something happens, there'll at least be some kind of record.
      • A written symptom diary was completed each morning, and spirometry was performed twice daily.
      • Particularly interesting is that this diary was begun exactly nine years ago today.

    • 1.2British Journalism

      columna que comenta sucesos de actualidad
      • I don't expect any of them to review it, and so far none of them have, but I thought it might get a mention in a diary column here and there.
      • Last week, in the letters page to the Daily Telegraph, he wrote to defend the Edinburgh group from an item which appeared in a diary column.
      • The next day he'd even got the story in some of the newspaper diaries.
      • This column, like all diaries, is fond, indeed much enamoured, of the legal profession.
      • We will have a full report on the night in next week's diary page.
      • The diary has gone, but a four-page news roundup section has been added.
      • Yet in the news pages, entertainment columns and social diaries of the same publications, the celebrity cycle continues to turn.
      • By good luck, there was a vacancy on Peterborough, the paper's diary column.
      • The possible participation of Camilla Parker Bowles has occupied column inches in the diaries of The Times and the Daily Telegraph all week.
      • Diary columns are a popular home for more subtle anti-gay hatred.
      • Charlie's first column appears next week and the diary awaits his musings with interest.
      • Balance is important; no newspaper is exclusively politics or celebrity gossip, so the diary cannot be that way either.
      • The diary column recalled the days of ‘sparrow shoots’ which were particularly popular in north Craven.
      • Richard Wild is going to be the subject of my BBC News Online diary this week.
      • The diary column reported on an elderly Dales farmer who was taking only his second holiday away from the farm, a week in Morecambe.
      • Not only is he Cambodia's top boxing journalist, he is a diary writer for the capital's biggest newspaper.
      • Great news for regular diary readers - Swiss Radio Man is alive and well, and greeted the BBC team in familiar fashion on Monday.
      • More about the big night in Tooreen in next week's diary page.
      • Jenson Button will share his thoughts on every single race in an exclusive diary for Five Live.
      • He was a particular favourite of mine when I was writing diary columns.

  • 2

    (book for appointments)
    agenda feminine
    desk/pocket diary agenda de escritorio/bolsillo feminine
    • let me check in my diary déjame consultar mi agenda
    • What I would love you to do though, is to make a note in your diaries of two special dates right now.
    • His business partner Diarmuid Lennon is now managing director of the company, which produces magazines, yearbooks and diaries.
    • Meanwhile, she has a full diary of counselling appointments, just as on any other day.
    • To avoid any repetition of this nightmare I have put a note in my diary to use my mobile to ring the Speaking Clock in five months' time.
    • Make a note in your diary of the consultation dates and go along and let your view be known.
    • Like most people I used to keep a personal diary for appointments etc in the form of something called paper.
    • They said they had been able to place appointments in his diary for their clients, with the help of his constituency secretary who had also worked for Beattie.
    • Achieving a toehold in America remains an objective and he intends to explore this option with appointments already in his diary to meet distributors.
    • I phoned your office and was told that you had not booked the appointment in your diary and that you were feeling ill.
    • Make a note in your diary for the next series in May 2005, and remember that without the BBC that was we wouldn't have such priceless gems.
    • And whilst I may or may not be asked to sing in any of them myself, I'll definitely be putting a note in my diary to go along.
    • In reality, it was Mr Kerry who refused to make space in his diary.
    • I jumped out of the driver's seat and made an appointment in my diary, got the dog out, shut the boot and off we went for a walk.
    • You got an alphabetised phone and address book, an appointments diary and a basic notepad so you could jot down short text pieces.
    • I bet York architect Phil Bixby and North Yorkshire garden designer Rosie Allisstone don't have acres of virginal white space in their diaries.
    • You should not be foolish enough to venture on to the British rail network with anything like a scheduled appointment in your diary.
    • All gardeners should have some quiet time in their horticultural diaries to give them space to reflect.
    • Mark it down in your diaries and we'll have more news in the coming weeks with regard to the entertainment and guests of honour on the night etc.
    • His green eyes darkened as he stared at the diary, its cover slightly damaged by water that had long since evaporated.
    • In fact, Himmler's appointments book and diaries, where extant, come as close as most people would require to demonstrating what the Final Solution was all about.