There are 2 main translations of die in Spanish

: die1die2


morir, v.

Pronunciation /daɪ//dʌɪ/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(stop living)

      (violently) matarse
      (violently) morir
      he died of cancer (se) murió de cáncer
      • he died in the war murió en la guerra
      • he died in an accident murió / se mató en un accidente
      • he died a happy man murió feliz
      • In fact, I can't recall any account of an oak tree actually dying from old age; it may be that they go on and on, changing form and surviving until some accident destroys them.
      • This scheme failed because most of the trees died from lack of moisture.
      • An elderly woman and a pet dog died in a head-on collision on the A19 today.
      • The fish farmers had to stop their activities, as their fish and shrimp died from the pollution.
      • An announcement was made that a Siamese cat had died of a spongiform encephalopathy.
      • My father died from mineworkers' pneumoconiosis and my father-in-law died of emphysema.
      • John collapsed and died of a brain haemorrhage in the kitchen of the house in Southampton after a night out with friends.
      • She would have died a normal death otherwise within a couple days of her collapse in 1990.
      • Thirty thousand children were already dying needless deaths daily.
      • He went on to say that there is a difference between dying from cancer and living with cancer.
      • As soon as flowers die, cut back plants to 6 inches from the soil level.
      • The veterinarian cooperated and at least for the record stated that the cow had died of natural causes.
      • How many people have seen a fox dying from lead shot poisoning?
      • Mr Bates died of hypothermia and emphysema, while Mrs Bates died from coronary heart disease.
      • Thousands of children dying horrible deaths because the American people chose to wallow in apathy.
      • The doctor asked what his mother had died of, and Sixty Five told him that she had died from an aneurism at 52.
      • So dinosaurs died from allergic reactions to these new, poisonous intruders.
      • His family have put up the first posters in their campaign to stop other children dying from solvent abuse.
      • Men attempted to claw their way out, perhaps asking themselves how they ended up in such a remote location, dying the loneliest of deaths.
      • Oxfam, to take one example, pay less because they're doing a serious job in the scrag-ends of the planet to stop people from dying from extreme dehydration.

    • 1.2informal (be overcome)

      to die of boredom/embarrassment morirse de aburrimiento/vergüenza
      • to die laughing morirse de risa
      • I nearly died! casi me muero
      • But inwardly I was dying of curiosity about Nellie's sudden trip.
      • Did you know I nearly died when I saw him standing in front of me and asking me to dance?
      • I nearly died, as I thought it would be included in web diary but not so prominently.
      • Jillian must have nearly died or had a laugh attack when she heard that name!
      • I remember drinking with a friend who was wearing a Golden Bear polo shirt; well, I mean, I nearly died.
      • The kinder, gentler Parrot is dull and many of his listeners on 2GB must be dying of boredom.
      • Then she calls him a blame shifter and then screams for a time out and I nearly died laughing.
      • It looked funny enough, but when Natascia realised it was me, she nearly died laughing!
      • When I arrived at work in London this morning I nearly died to find my desk piled with post.
      • The ladies' chorus had tears streaming down their faces and Julie, the inadvertent stripper, was slowly dying of embarrassment.
      • I nearly died laughing, while my mother tried to convince me it would not be dreadful.
      • It's so beautiful, I feel as if I'm dying of happiness.
      • Dancing in time was harder still, and when Tristian partnered me, I nearly died of sheer panic.
      • I had a look at the Gleaner's cartoon just now and I nearly died laughing!

    • 1.3informal (want very much)

      to be dying for sth morirse por algo informal
      • I was dying for a drink me moría de sed
      • to be dying to + inf morirse por + inf
      • she's dying to meet you se muere por conocerte
      • I was dying to ask for a photo but I just lost my nerve.
      • She was dying to know what I'd been typing for so many hours and stayed up last night reading the whole thing.
      • ‘But I was dying to find our more, so seeing the lid was missing I thought I'd risk a quick peek,’ he said.
      • I was dying to ask Kath these vital questions, but I decided discretion was the better part of valour.
      • They were dying to know what it was going to look like, first off.
      • Just before we reached the airport I smiled at the driver and told him I was dying to know what was going on.
      • Worse than all that, though, is having to seduce women when he's dying inside for a man.
      • High-pressured adrenaline congested my veins and I was dying to release it.
      • It is typical of Plazas's professionalism and realism that she is reluctant to advertise a wish list of roles she is dying to tackle.
      • I woke up earlier than I wanted to (I was dying to sleep in since I haven't had a chance to do so in ages) but that's okay.
      • We haven't seen each other in a few years, and I'm dying for her to meet Leta.
      • Actually, I ran out to conduct a chair lift demonstration for our salesman M.K. and his buddies who were dying to see how the whole set-up worked.
      • I'm sure they were just dying for the opportunity to come clean and acknowledge their guilt.
      • They were dying to see the new horror film that everyone was talking about, The Exorcist.
      • I knew you were dying to ask me that important question.
      • She couldn't stop smiling, as if she had a secret she was dying to tell.
      • I probably could have got a job with a computer company, but I was dying to go back to cooking, to restaurants.
      • They were dying to see Ashanti, yet word along the grapevine was that she was no great performer.
      • I got tired of eating Chinese food and was dying to eat something different so I decided to go to a pizza shop behind my hotel.
      • While we are all dying to get out, there is one who died to get in.

  • 2

    • 2.1(cease to exist)

      (hatred/love) morir
      their memory will never die nunca los olvidaremos
      • his secret died with him se llevó el secreto a la tumba
      • the smile died on his lips se le borró la sonrisa de los labios
      • As the hysteria died down, a deep gloom fell over America which was to last over two months.
      • The only rival is the slowly dying influence of ‘metaphysical’ verse of the English Renaissance.
      • If you are thinking of going wait till the frenzy has died down.
      • The family fled, returning to Kabul in early 1996 when fighting died down.
      • The night sky was lit up in the distance by lightning, but the winds had died down and the rain no longer fell.
      • But that controversy had hardly died down when we had another and even better example.
      • It seems to have died down now that the song's popularity has waned.
      • The controversy has apparently not died down as many people raise the issue as a topic of discussion on the Internet.
      • Antiwar demonstrations have died down, but the nude protest idea seems to have caught on.
      • It all died down, but not before leaving Amir's already fragile temperament somewhat more frayed.
      • By the time the laughter died down, 11 people needed treatment for tear gas inhalation.
      • Brook took herself off to America until all the fuss died down.
      • After the song died down, there was a loud applause and a lot of cheers from the crowd.
      • There are some simple facts here that make this case totally irrelevant to the future of digital media, merely the dying influence of outmoded copyright law.
      • Friday was a bit of a false start as the contractions, if that is indeed what they were died away on Saturday.
      • When the fuss died down, the Charnock forward scored from the spot to take them 2-1 up.
      • A week later, once my bruising had died down, I obtained a new photocard and handed in the form to report the loss and claim a replacement.
      • The hype has died down, and the MFSA appears to think that its job is done.
      • Just as you think that the threat has died down, then an attack like this happens.
      • On Friday, even as the fighting had died down, it was still impossible to enter the camp to check the stories we had heard.

    • 2.2(be extinguished)

      (fire) extinguirse
      (fire) apagarse
      (light) extinguirse
      • When the last of the natural light had died I heard Mathias' voice boom out through the night sky like the last guest trying to hail a cab home.
      • As the fire dies down, a cuckoo fills the forest with its unmistakable call.
      • Toward the end of his life the fiery disdain of his youth died to warm embers.
      • Over the next few days, after the Yule log has died to an ember, we will attempt to clarify those hard choices for readers.
      • The fire had died to a pile of small, glowing coals that scattered into a shower of sparks when I threw a pair of logs in.
      • After the Wolfman does his ring walk, an electrical circuit trips and the lights die.
      • I am left alone, to wake and guard, until the seven fires die, and the fire in the pit also goes out.
      • When the flames finally died, the two warriors were nothing more than charred ashes.
      • My quarters were cold and dark, the flames in the hearth having died to a small pile of glowing embers.
      • When the flame died, we poured a measure of water equal to the amount of absinthe into the glass.
      • The fires are dying; other figures are spotted, hard to distinguish amongst the wisps of vapour that drift across the scene.
      • Luckily the flames die down leaving a soggy mess of paper and cloth.
      • The fire had begun to die down and Sei could fell the room growing colder.
      • As the daylight died, the shadows came to life and began to prowl about the hedges and corners of houses.
      • The fire started to die, and the shadows were getting creepy, especially the shadows around Desi's face.
      • Give the skillet a good shake or three to get everything mixed together after the flames die down.
      • The mile long rip in the canopy was still visible, though the flames had died long ago.
      • We watched the sunlight dying, hugging each other close in the crisp cool air.
      • The flame died and I squished the roach with the end of the lighter just to make sure he was dead.
      • When the flames have died, pour in the dry sherry then the cream.

    • 2.3(stop functioning)

      (motor/engine) apagarse
      (engine/motor) dejar de funcionar
      • The engine died, and the two of them arose from their seats and opened the door into the rear area of the ship.
      • I took a deep breath and pulled over to park, but before I did the engine just died.
      • Now if your fan dies or you forget to use thermal grease under your leaf blower your CPU will burst into flames in 8 seconds.
      • In the first race in the Chase, at New Hampshire, he had a strong car and led before his engine died.
      • The engine died as he pulled into the spot and the transmission made a horrible, grinding noise as he shifted into park.
      • If your engine dies in your car, you slow down and stop.
      • I had to reformat once when I installed the wrong soundcard drivers and again when I tried to install SP2 and it died on me.

  • 3informal

    (in baseball)
    quedarse embasado
    ser dejado en base

transitive verb

  • 1

    to die a natural death morir de muerte natural
    • to die a violent death tener / sufrir una muerte violenta
    • to die a thousand deaths pasarlas negras / moradas

There are 2 main translations of die in Spanish

: die1die2


dado, n.


  • 1

    dado masculine
    to shoot / (British) play (at) dice jugar a los dados
    • By turning any polyhedral die, you can represent how much money you have.
    • To begin, players roll a die to determine which category question they begin with.
    • So we changed the rule such that only the caller lost a single die on an exact bid and we've found that the game is far more enjoyable.
    • For many dice games - in fact, most such games that I can think of - a six-sided die is sufficient.
    • It was the first popular game where movement was not determined by a die roll.
    • This is because during your turn, you get to draw a card with a saying on it, roll a ten-sided die, and then act out a mood.
    • Basically players each choose a team of 5 dice, and take turns throwing a die onto the table.
    • So when you're level 3 instead of rolling 3 dice you roll 5 dice, or 1 die 5 times.
    • Each number rolled on the die corresponds to a specific category.
    • To include only a single die in a game that required rolling two or three at the same time would be astounding.
    • If you're unlucky enough with the roll of the die, the game can be over even faster.
    • Different die rolls allow you to move your jeep, or shift some of the animals.
    • Each set replaces a single die in a normal (with the predator dice) game of Bongo.
    • For example, we could record the sound of dice rolling, and play this sound while our die is rolling.
    • Moves are determined by a special die and each horse is affected differently by the various rolls.
    • If the die showed 5 or 6, then it was thrown again until a number between 1 and 4 came up.
    • Combat is handled through targeting a unit in your opponent's force, then rolling a die.
    • Trials were randomized by the throw of a die, and for each trial, each caller was assigned a number from 1 to 4.
    • Additionally, the die rolling adds a great deal of excitement and tension.
    • First a regular game of Chess is conducted and then each player rolls a single die.
  • 2plural dies /daɪz/

    • 2.1Technology

      troquel masculine

    • 2.2Technology

      molde masculine
      • If the thermal path is poor, however, the temperature of the die and L1 device will be quite high.
      • In the sealing module, seal grids can be snapped in and out of the sealing-grid die to change the shape of the package seal.
      • After creating the dies to extrude the frame profiles, workers in Italy produced the extrusions.
      • These steels are used for air frame and engine components, injection moulds and dies.
      • Making complex parts typically requires costly dies - molds into which metal or plastic is poured or stamped.
      • Jones, Redding and Hornady also offer full-length sizing dies that incorporate their interchangeable neck bushings.
      • This class also includes plastic molds and die cast molding dies.
      • The tube is sized by the combination of extruder and puller speeds, and the distance between the extruder die and the cooling water.
      • If hexagon heads are desired, a heading tool will upset some of the metal into a hexagon-shaped die cavity.
      • He designed and made a sizing die with interchangeable bushings of progressively smaller diameters.
      • It is essentially a die shrunk R100, and is based on a .15 manufacturing process.
      • In another metalworking arena, Fantesk may one day be used to lubricate dies, which shape sheet metal into objects such as automobile roofs.
      • That is going to be the key on pressed metal parts because you can't just take the CATIA design and cut dies to that and get an accurate part.
      • One of the key elements in designing the dies used to make them is to make sure there's enough material to make whatever it is you need, but not too much.
      • This allows the die to dissipate its heat to the heatsink more efficiently, as Intel demonstrated with the Coppermine CPU.
      • This press consisted of a hand operated vertical pump which forced molten lead through a horizontal tube forming the die.
      • We are getting their entire production lines shifted to India, all tools, moulds, dies, etc.
      • Hand forgings are produced by working aluminum stock between flat dies or other simple tools that shape the piece roughly to the required contour.
      • The Quick Plastic Forming process involves heating an aluminum sheet and using air pressure to form it against a heated die.
      • It's fairly easy to grind metal out of a die, but putting it back in presents a real problem.