Translation of differential in Spanish:


diferencial, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌdɪfəˈrɛn(t)ʃ(ə)l//ˌdɪfəˈrɛnʃ(ə)l/


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    (rate/rent/tariff) diferencial
    • This seems realistic as we have no evidence to suggest that management of risk factors may have differential benefit according to ethnic origin.
    • Moreover, the differential rates of risk factors predict a future increase in morbidity and mortality among underserved and disenfranchised groups.
    • Consequently, sprinkled through the book are references to differential effects of television, depending on class.
    • Differences in abiotic factors such as differential effects of glaciation and sea-level changes on land and in the sea may also greatly influence biogeographic patterns.
    • Changes in an explanatory variable will have differential impacts, depending on the category.
    • Tests for interaction or trend, however, did not suggest differential benefits according to smoking habit in either trial.
    • Such centres are subject to their own forms of social and spatial ordering, such as differential occupation and use of space according to factors such as age and gender.
    • The fact that nesting success was unrelated to features of the nest site excludes the influence of weather as major factor leading to differential success among macrohabitats.
    • This emphasizes isoform-specific functions in relation to tissue water permeation or growth as well as differential responses to varying extents of the same abiotic stressor.
    • After donation, all the blood is divided into its constituent parts by a 3,000-revolution per minute centrifuge according to differential density.
    • This evidence, together with evidence of differential rates according to day and time of week, explain why local and regional policing and other crime prevention efforts need to focus on injury as well as offending.
    • I also want to make it clear that the literature is not completely consistent in the failure to find patterns of results which support the differential impact of sentences that vary in severity.
    • These differential effects did not depend on the child's age or parents' level of education.
    • Prevention and intervention strategies, in order to be inclusive, will need to be mindful of the differential contributions of these factors in the lives of girls.
    • Another factor in this differential growth rate was out-migration from the South.
    • At present, it is unclear why there is a differential requirement for such factors.
    • Thus, it appears that this relationship is accounted for by factors other than differential rates of incarceration or child welfare involvement.
    • Because I'm venturing outside my own area of work, and because time is short, I won't review all of the social factors producing differential success of men and women.
    • The differential expression of mammalian genes depending on the sex of the parent from which they are inherited is known as genomic imprinting.
    • The first issue is that nongenetic factors can produce patterns of differential fitness, and create the illusion of local adaptation.
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    (equation/operator) diferencial
    • He contributed substantially to topology, differential geometry and complex analytic geometry.
    • He worked on quadratic differential forms and mechanics.
    • This ‘index theorem’ had antecedents in algebraic geometry and led to important new links between differential geometry, topology and analysis.
    • At Zurich, in addition to his work on set theory he also worked on differential geometry, number theory, probability theory and the foundations of mathematics.
    • His second area of work was on differential geometry in particular the theory of quadratic differential quantics.


  • 1British

    diferencial masculine
    price/wage differentials diferenciales de precios/salarios
  • 2also differential gear

    Motor Vehicles
    diferencial masculine