Translation of differential in Spanish:


diferencial, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌdɪfəˈrɛnʃ(ə)l//ˌdɪfəˈrɛn(t)ʃ(ə)l/


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    (rent/rate/tariff) diferencial
    • Consequently, sprinkled through the book are references to differential effects of television, depending on class.
    • After donation, all the blood is divided into its constituent parts by a 3,000-revolution per minute centrifuge according to differential density.
    • Prevention and intervention strategies, in order to be inclusive, will need to be mindful of the differential contributions of these factors in the lives of girls.
    • The differential expression of mammalian genes depending on the sex of the parent from which they are inherited is known as genomic imprinting.
    • Thus, it appears that this relationship is accounted for by factors other than differential rates of incarceration or child welfare involvement.
    • The fact that nesting success was unrelated to features of the nest site excludes the influence of weather as major factor leading to differential success among macrohabitats.
    • This emphasizes isoform-specific functions in relation to tissue water permeation or growth as well as differential responses to varying extents of the same abiotic stressor.
    • This seems realistic as we have no evidence to suggest that management of risk factors may have differential benefit according to ethnic origin.
    • These differential effects did not depend on the child's age or parents' level of education.
    • Differences in abiotic factors such as differential effects of glaciation and sea-level changes on land and in the sea may also greatly influence biogeographic patterns.
    • This evidence, together with evidence of differential rates according to day and time of week, explain why local and regional policing and other crime prevention efforts need to focus on injury as well as offending.
    • Because I'm venturing outside my own area of work, and because time is short, I won't review all of the social factors producing differential success of men and women.
    • Moreover, the differential rates of risk factors predict a future increase in morbidity and mortality among underserved and disenfranchised groups.
    • Tests for interaction or trend, however, did not suggest differential benefits according to smoking habit in either trial.
    • Another factor in this differential growth rate was out-migration from the South.
    • At present, it is unclear why there is a differential requirement for such factors.
    • Such centres are subject to their own forms of social and spatial ordering, such as differential occupation and use of space according to factors such as age and gender.
    • I also want to make it clear that the literature is not completely consistent in the failure to find patterns of results which support the differential impact of sentences that vary in severity.
    • Changes in an explanatory variable will have differential impacts, depending on the category.
    • The first issue is that nongenetic factors can produce patterns of differential fitness, and create the illusion of local adaptation.
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    (operator/equation) diferencial
    • His second area of work was on differential geometry in particular the theory of quadratic differential quantics.
    • At Zurich, in addition to his work on set theory he also worked on differential geometry, number theory, probability theory and the foundations of mathematics.
    • He worked on quadratic differential forms and mechanics.
    • He contributed substantially to topology, differential geometry and complex analytic geometry.
    • This ‘index theorem’ had antecedents in algebraic geometry and led to important new links between differential geometry, topology and analysis.


  • 1British

    diferencial masculine
    price/wage differentials diferenciales de precios/salarios
    • The differential between the reserve rate and the market rate on treasury bills could decline to make up for the declining demand for reserves derived from the demand for checking accounts.
    • The dispute concerns night-shift and day-shift pay differentials.
    • A very high proportion of th e workforce is lowly paid, the differential between the very high income of a small minority and the remarkably low income of the majority of Irish workers being among the highest in the Western world.
    • However, the use of the exchange rate as a nominal anchor also led to its real appreciation - as it takes time for the differential between domestic and foreign inflation to fall.
    • These include the recognition of regional wage differentials.
    • The situation is worsened by distorted pay differentials.
    • Authenticity means hammering on about growing inequality and doing something about gross pay differentials.
    • The result has been a sharp widening in the differential between the wages of highly skilled and low-skilled labor in the United States and other advanced countries.
    • And it isn't motivated by just wage differentials.
    • First she says there ought to be a rational justification for pay differentials.
    • Employees have voted to take action due to pay differentials between workers in London and Kent.
    • The differential between male and female earnings increased over the period as well.
    • Would you explain the differential between those two sums?
    • Small firms are also under pressure to maintain pay differentials between their junior and more experienced staff to create a career path.
    • The wage differentials curbed to reasonable limits.
    • We have only to note the way groups of workers use widening or narrowing differentials in the pay structure to argue for wage increases to see the truth of George's statement.
    • If the widening of the wage differential is allowed to proceed unchecked, it threatens to create within our own country a social problem of major proportions.
    • The differential between public sector union employees and the rest of the working class in wages, benefits, and job security makes a joke of the very concept of working class solidarity.
    • German unions maintain rigid wage differentials for skills in order to protect their poorest workers.
    • And profit is a function of the differential between real costs and possible prices.
    • The court stated that a number of criteria used by employers to justify incremental pay differentials will have to be justified.
    • The differential between interest earned and interest paid out by a bank is called the net interest margin.
    • The result included some desirable elements, such as the differential between urban and non-urban taxes and diesel fuel, but was fatally flawed by the commitment that the price of fuel would not increase.
    • If they are allowed to explain pay differentials, they only perpetuate that past discrimination.
    • The Government hopes the move will help slash the differential between country and city fuel prices.
    • The differential between the New Zealand and Australian corporate tax regimes needed to be addressed as a ‘matter of priority’.
    • Certainly, the differential between the amount of American workers and Chinese workers will shrink.
    • Pay differentials in a capitalist society are stark, but the alternative - everybody getting the same - is Marxism, which never works anyway.
    • Accountants in large firms are more accustomed to a power differential between different levels of management than are accountants in small firms.
    • A majority of American states either mandate or permit manual recounting when the differential between the machine vote totals for opposing candidates is within a certain margin.
    • In most countries, the differential between urban and rural wages is quite pronounced, and this was - and is - certainly the case in Thailand.
    • In a study carried out last year, it emerged that the differential between the cost of books for a first standard pupil can be between £19.48 and £28.97.
    • Negotiations over reducing pay differentials have broken down.
    • The Central Bank, like many other government bodies, has suffered from a transfer of resources to private industry driven largely by salary differentials.
    • Well, unquestionably, I ran closest to the president of any of the other Republican candidates that won in terms of the differential between his vote and mine.
    • Regional differentials should be introduced or re-introduced into award rates of pay.
    • The primary turnover measurement is the differential between takeaways and giveaways.
    • Factors of production do not move easily across national boundaries in response to wage price differentials.
    • They also noted seasonal variation in the differential between the two groups.
    • And it is also true that wage differentials between the public and private sector pay have increased.
  • 2also differential gear

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    diferencial masculine