Translation of difficulty in Spanish:


dificultad, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdɪfəkəlti//ˈdɪfɪk(ə)lti/

nounPlural difficulties

  • 1

    (of situation, task)
    dificultad feminine
    with/without difficulty con/sin dificultad
    • I'm in a bit of difficulty over the rent estoy pasando ciertas dificultades para pagar el alquiler
    • he has difficulty (in) understanding English tiene dificultad para entender el inglés
    • she had great difficulty walking caminaba con mucha dificultad
    • That was, by the way and a propos of nothing, one of the few words that I had difficulty in spelling as a child.
    • I have difficulty in walking, so getting to the top of town is virtually impossible.
    • When he did paint actual places he had no difficulty in ruthlessly leaving out bits he didn't want.
    • He was also critical over farmers' difficulty in getting licences to move animals.
    • Monet's desire to become a painter was something his father accepted with difficulty.
    • He was, however, having difficulty in getting a suitable test case to the starting gate.
    • Europeans often have difficulty in overcoming their initial aversion to this smell.
    • Nor do we have any difficulty in seeing the alternatives as real alternatives.
    • The European court had no difficulty in deciding that it was unfair for that to happen.
    • Trying to pin down a connection between art and morality is fraught with difficulty.
    • It's a journey fraught with difficulty, aided by a whole string of people smugglers.
    • The lack of air in a birth chart can indicate difficulty in the expression of that person.
    • However, there can be difficulty in defining what is actual or physical retirement.
    • I regarded him as an honest and sensible witness and have no difficulty in believing what he told me.
    • They are apt to lead to much difficulty in application because they give rise to much uncertainty.
    • He eventually manhandled the rock into his goody bag and dragged it with difficulty to the surface.
    • Nevertheless, it is a tragedy that such a splendid player has such difficulty in running.
    • Because of this, there may be some difficulty in giving or receiving affection.
    • No wonder we have such difficulty in getting really good candidates to stand.
    • But the cost and difficulty in getting hold of such items made them the stuff of dreams.
  • 2

    dificultad feminine
    problema masculine
    learning/language difficulties dificultades de aprendizaje/idioma feminine
    • I haven't met any difficulties no (me) he encontrado con ninguna dificultad
    • to be in/get into difficulties estar/meterse en dificultades / apuros
    • to make difficulties crear problemas
    • There has been no disguising the financial difficulties the party has been in since the election.
    • What do you do when someone comes to you with an emotional difficulty he or she wishes to deal with?
    • Even the club had difficulties finding a translator at the time of his signing.
    • A solution to these difficulties is needed to develop a general vision into a practical policy.
    • I could understand the difficulties, we had a lot of nationalities in the back four.
    • Of course, there will be short moments where there will be problems and difficulties.
    • Many farmers and farm workers are experiencing real financial difficulties, he says.
    • If there is any trouble, the team try to deal with it and report back to me any difficulties.
    • Its previous owner had bought it from an aircraft museum that got into financial difficulties.
    • In addition, some firms encounter difficulties in understanding the new rules of the game.
    • I understand the difficulty and if we don't put it right it has huge implications for staff.
    • It is like a mindset, and that is the difficulty we have when dealing with cases like this.
    • My Lords, there is in any event a considerable conceptual difficulty in a stay of this sort of order.
    • School was very hard for me but doing sports helped me deal with the difficulties of it.
    • He had a very hard life and due to difficulties with his family found himself on the streets.
    • It's the last and only resort for very many people in all sorts of crises and difficulties.
    • The main difficulty in discussing morality is agreeing the meaning of the terms we use.
    • I have the professional experience that allows me to understand his difficulties.
    • It is understood that one of her difficulties related to an arranged marriage.
    • A difficulty in applying the definition is to decide what is a specific cognitive domain.