Translation of digitalize in Spanish:


digitalizar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈdɪdʒɪt(ə)lʌɪz//ˈdɪdʒədlˌaɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • To make Taiwan a digitalized nation, the Cabinet plans to popularize the home and commercial use of the Internet and broadband and to digitalize industries, government and transportation.
    • The historical footage is digitalized, manipulated on a computer, and then transferred to video format for exhibition.
    • There can be no doubt, however, that the photographic collage machines are being digitalized at a rapid rate.
    • Again the computer stores now have packs that will connect up pretty well any device into your computer to digitalise your sound.
    • A possible step in that direction would be to digitalise film exhibition in all ‘B’ and ‘C’ grade theatres, he said.
    • For more effective regional cooperation, it would also be necessary to digitalise inter-country links within the region in a time bound manner.
    • Private funds can construct and operate cable TV networks, and participate in establishing or digitalizing cable TV networks, but the above mentioned cultural enterprises must be at least 51% state-owned.
    • Ovid has been digitalized to enact our lust for transformation, for tricks of incarnation and reconstitution.
    • He digitalises sound - he turns it into numbers - which then get mapped to coloured points on a screen, and to new sounds.
    • It is expected that the new tariff will be valid only in the big cities in which all lines are due to be digitalised.
    • He said the authority was currently re-planning the television service by digitalising it to make it accommodate more channels.
    • The design is being digitalised and will be used as the logo for the North Wiltshire District Council initiative's directory which is due to be launched this Summer.
    • We then had to digitalise and reinforce the direct sound…
    • The prints will be digitalised and accessible by the authorities in all 15-member states on a computerised system.
    • A volunteer said: ‘I have spent the last year helping the trust to assess and digitalise its extensive photographic slide collection.’
    • Taiwan should also play a key role in providing content to Chinese-language Web sites and digitalizing museum collections, he said.
    • The Zambia Telecommunications Corporation has digitalised 70 per cent of its telecommunication network countrywide in order to promote and facilitate easy international communication.
    • Thirty-four thousand color documents have been digitalized from the originals (recto and verso, as needed), to be compiled in four sets of four DVDs each.
    • That's why he's been archiving and digitalising his albums and documents.
    • When the raw recordings were digitalized and tailored for spectrographic analyses, we counted the number of bouts that consisted of at least two songs and also the number of single songs.