Translation of dilapidated in Spanish:


ruinoso, adj.

Pronunciation /dəˈlæpəˌdeɪdəd//dɪˈlapɪdeɪtɪd/


  • 1

    (building) ruinoso
    (car) destartalado
    (car) desvencijado
    • If it goes ahead, it will allow the council to dispose of several dilapidated office buildings around the city.
    • He stared at the dilapidated office building, wondering how many people were inside.
    • The award of lottery and European cash marks the end of a five-year campaign to replace dilapidated facilities in Scotchman Road.
    • The number of empty dilapidated shops in the depressing Bradford city centre are witness to the existing problems of traders.
    • Quite a few of the houses are dilapidated, paint flaked off rotting wood, patched up with corrugated iron boards.
    • With a view to helping the environment, the couple bought a mountainside property in west Cork with a dilapidated cottage and a barn attached.
    • With little more than a goat, a wheelbarrow and a frankly dilapidated hovel to his name, he obviously does not have an internet connection of his own.
    • The dilapidated restaurant was wedged in between two larger buildings, and the entrance was in the narrow alley on the left.
    • This will fund the restoration work and the construction of a community meeting room, which will replace the dilapidated church hall.
    • Besides, the building is in a dilapidated condition and maintenance work has not been carried out for years.
    • We may have a dilapidated library and an unreliable student computing service, but our staff are the best in New Zealand.
    • Today only about five Gardaí work out of the portable cabins behind the dilapidated station which closes at night.
    • Over-crowded, run down and dilapidated school buildings must be tackled immediately.
    • My dilapidated apartment didn't seem quite so shabby, the shops, not so familiar.
    • Way back when I was ten, my brother and I used to play in a dilapidated shed on the edge of the Gloucester-shire town where I was brought up.
    • The circle found that this family of four was living in a dilapidated hut with virtually no means for food and medicines.
    • On the area of the croft land, there is also a further dilapidated farm building which could have the potential for residential conversion.
    • The complex has been neglected and has become a dilapidated landmark in the city.
    • As a result, the siheyuans became compounds occupied by many households, and the number of dilapidated houses increased.
    • Several of the children living in the dilapidated facility had psychological problems, officials said.