Translation of dim in Spanish:


oscuro, adj.

Pronunciation: /dɪm//dɪm/


  • 1

    • 1.1(dark)

      (room) oscuro
      (room) poco iluminado
      (light) débil
      (light) tenue
      • Only the ceiling lantern was lit, giving but dim illumination to the cabin.
      • Her hair was shoulder length, but it curled around her head and face, shining under the dim light of the entry hall.
      • Whispering my name, he pulled back again, face just inches from my own, eyes shining black in the dim light.
      • Soon the boy pulled her through a room that was lit with dim candlelight.
      • A few dim blue lights partially illuminated my instrument panel.
      • The sun wasn't shining directly in through the windows, so it took her eyes a second to adjust to the dim room.
      • Debbie glanced out the window and saw dim sunshine shining through a window and a light drizzle outside.
      • Only this time, a set of very dim auxiliary lights illuminate, but many of them continue to flicker on and off.
      • She sits in this cramped, dim space for eight hours a day sorting mail.
      • There, in front of her, was a dim corner that she had not seen when she had first arrived.
      • I turned and faced the army, my sword shining red in the dim light.
      • Frescoes of demons and spirits writhe across the walls of its prayer halls, and the drone of absorbed monks fills dim rooms and corridors.
      • The room was dim and warmed by a crackling fire in the stone fireplace.
      • Instead, a strange blonde man slinked out of the shadows of the dim room.
      • I scanned the room and found him speaking with a young woman in a dim corner of the ballroom.
      • With the orb inside, the room is relatively dim.
      • So she remained, lying under the heavy weight of her own mind, in the dim corner by the forgotten door.
      • Her big dark emerald green eyes shone brightly in the dim light.
      • Their places were set high above a circular platform which was only illuminated by the dim light from above.
      • About half of the 20 young women are otherwise engaged in the Champagne Room, a dim, closet-size space that holds half a dozen couples.
      • I was pleasantly surprised to discover a clamorous, dim room filled with networked computers available dirt-cheap.
      • Slowly he opened his eyes to a dim room, his bedroom, in a quiet house.
      • She took her arm away from her waist to push aside the drapes and open the door, stumbling into the dim room, lit only by a little oil lamp.
      • In the dim halo of yellow light, she could see the dull haze of alcohol in his eyes.
      • Somehow, the darkness revealed something, with only several dim lights shining in the night.
      • The room was dim, with just a hint of fog to add to the allure.
      • There were dim lights illuminating the hall and it wasn't quite as dusty.
      • A man hovers in a dim corner of the room, soundless, watchful.
      • Besides, why sit alone in a dim room in front of a computer when you can sit alone in a dim room with a good comic?
      • I soon found that I was tied into a sitting position in a dim room.
      • As they assist weavers, children sit at cramped looms in damp, dim rooms.
      • Imaginative stage lighting provided dim illumination and served to showcase dancers in center stage.
      • The lamplight was dim, and it shone rather unsteadily, casting only a weak glow over the ground, but it would have to do.
      • I pushed the drapes aside as I stepped back into the dim room and stood for a second, blinking.
      • The lighting that is currently in place is extremely poor, with only six lights providing dim illumination inside the subway.
      • The sun emitted dim rays of light and its reflection on the sea was moving constantly.
      • The dim gas lights glowed brightly in the corner of the large square.
      • The blade was sharp and around three inches in length, she could tell, as it shone in the dim moonlight.
      • The room was too dim to read anything written on the slab.
      • The dim rays of light were shining through, just like before.

    • 1.2(indistinct)

      (memory/shape) borroso
      (idea) vago
      in the dim and distant past en el pasado remoto
      • The dim figures faded into nothingness in the fog around them.
      • There were two dim circles attached to one another by a line - a curved line.
      • There were two dim figures at his doorway, one short and one tall.
      • I have in mind a dim memory of the Commissioner trying to grapple with this kind or problem.
      • All that weighed upon his mind suddenly grew dim and trivial.
      • Eventually the ship's throbbing cut out, and they could see the dim shapes of launches being lowered over the sides.
      • My dim memories of biology seem to recall an animal classification system, whereby the entire natural world could be subdivided into various Phyla.
      • All this makes him try to remember his childhood, but the memories are dim.
      • The dim contour betrayed a scythe hanging on two pegs near the ceiling, its handle parallel to the ground.
      • Choked with spray, she saw rocks looming, dim shapes above the waste of hurtling water.
      • Although it does seem like a dim and distant memory now, I still remember people being hanged in Britain during my lifetime.
      • Why would I bother trying to revive such a dim memory?
      • Then, finally, off to the right about thirty to forty yards away, the dim silhouette of a group of divers began to pass.
      • There will be times when things are going so well that sadness seems like a dim memory, and then there will be those times when we long for God to intervene.
      • Dale peered through the peek-hole in the front door, saw nothing but a dim shape, and flicked on the porch light.
      • The baying hounds triggered a dim ancestral memory of rapacious wolf packs that was hard-wired somewhere deep inside his brain.
      • A dim figure crossed to the window and opened the blinds, washing the room with light from the poled lamps in the parking lot.
      • And as she started to say something, I became suddenly aware that I could see a dim shape where she stood.
      • While she always liked pop music, her closest connection to radio was a dim memory of her brother heading off to work as a pirate DJ when she was about five years old.
      • Those days, however, must seem a dim and distant memory.
      • The dim figure of a young lady carrying large clothes boxes was making her way up the aisle and out.
      • I hadn't been there in years, but I had dim memories of the place.
      • The day when you could open your windows for fresh air is just a dim memory.
      • Then, turning back towards the dim shapes across the stream, ‘It's like that joke about looking into a nudist camp,’ he said.
      • He had a dim memory of wandering through a labyrinth of sordid houses, of being lost in a giant web of sombre streets, and it was bright dawn when he found himself at last in Piccadilly Circus.
      • He squinted and brought his face forward, straining his neck, trying to make out the dim form that was only a foot from him.
      • The idea of national state-funded infrastructure provision is becoming a dim and distant memory.
      • She gazed down and suddenly one of the dim shapes moved, darting into a pool of light from the half moon to take the form of a man.
      • The place was only half full and it was still dark outside but it was way past bedtime on a Saturday night and midterms were just a dim, horrific memory.
      • But it is a piece of the country's history, a small symbol of struggles which now remain just dim memories for some.
      • A new generation had come up with only dim childhood memories of the war, while an older one was in no mood to repeat the experience.
      • And frankly the teacher/student aspect of it is basically a dim memory.
      • I can also vaguely recall occasionally going to a club called Catacombs, but since I was off my face on snakebite and black, my memories are dim and distant.
      • As usual, no lights were on, and all she could see were the dim silhouettes of his furniture.
      • She opened her eyes to look around the room she was in, but could only see dim shapes in the ghostly moonlight.
      • He stared at the dim shapes of the knick-knacks on top of his dresser, the glowing red face of his alarm clock.
      • Then she began to make out dim shapes that in a few moments revealed themselves to be crates, tackle, ropes, barrels, and hooks.
      • Slowly Tim's restaurant plan became a dim and distant memory.
      • On one occasion, a man peering into one of the dirty windows claimed to see the dim figure of a woman, suspended by her wrists from the ceiling.
      • Eventually I could make out a dim figure ahead of me.

    • 1.3(gloomy, hopeless)

      (future/prospects) nada halagüeño
      (future/prospects) nada prometedor
      • Once they leave, future prospects are extremely dim.
      • I am not involved with anyone special right now and the prospects are rather dim for a Valentine's Day date.
      • The Minister painted a human figure in black surrounded by red with a dash of yellow on the top giving it a cheerful outlook in otherwise dim circumstances.
      • But our chronically weak dollar is a clear sign that the global investment community thinks our economic prospects are dim.
      • This in turn will add to the already large numbers of unemployed and under-skilled youth on the streets of this country with dim prospects of jobs in the future.
      • Maybe it's the dim hope that I'll meet someone new and interesting.
      • So they watch their losses multiply in the dim hope of recapturing their losses.
      • But hopes for a quick resolution are dim because of the absence of top leaders, one delegate said.
      • The bad news is that the prospects are dim for achieving this end without the resort to force over the coming years.
      • Often a project takes on a life of its own and lumbers on, even though there are dim prospects for the resultant product.
      • Shifting away from the dim hopes of my rescue, I conjure up a series of bright memories that bring me a tidal change of emotion.
      • But the new millennium has greeted the people with dim prospects of deteriorating health.
      • He won't argue if you tell him the company's prospects are dim either.
      • Derrick wanted to say something, anything to make the situation look a little less dim, but he couldn't find the words.
      • You just have to fight with everything you have, with no illusions about your dim hopes.
      • It would have empowered me to be clueless too, instead of my holding on to the dim hope that things might work out.
      • Local homeowners are resisting the attempts by the city to condemn their land, but their prospects are dim.
      • I cherish the dim hope that they will grow the necessary spine between now and Thursday.
      • By the end of the nineteenth century, North America's indigenous wild turkey had dim prospects of survival.
      • He wasn't going to undersell himself again to a team with such dim prospects.

    • 1.4(of eyesight)

      his eyesight is growing dim le está fallando la vista
      • eyes dim with tears ojos nublados / empañados por las lágrimas
      • When she stood back up, the blood rushed around her brain and made her eyes go dim for a moment.
      • ‘My eyes are dim, I cannot see, I have not brought my specs with me, I have not brought my specs with me’.
      • He thought of her, and the idea that anything could come between them made his eyes dim with tears.
      • Her chestnut eyes were dim with sleepiness as they came in contact with his live blue ones.
      • Confronted with death, the eye blinks, opens wide, or grows dim.

  • 2informal

    corto (de luces) informal
    tonto informal

transitive verb

  • 1

    (lights) atenuar
    to dim one's headlights bajar las luces
  • 2

    (eyesight) ir debilitando
    (memory) ir borrando
    (spirits) hacer perder
    (spirits) empañar literary
    tears dimmed her eyes las lágrimas le nublaron / le empañaron los ojos

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (lessen in brightness)
    (light) irse atenuando
  • 2

    (memory) irse borrando
    (sight) irse debilitando