Translation of dime in Spanish:


moneda de diez centavos, n.

Pronunciation /dʌɪm//daɪm/



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    moneda de diez centavos
    it's not worth a dime no vale un duro Spain informal
    • Any money goes to people who previously bought the stock for pennies; the company doesn't get a dime.
    • The two things people need to keep in mind is that we are talking small amounts of money and you cannot afford to lose a dime.
    • He figured that he might as well live till the whole sham is over, this way he won't have to spend a dime of his new found, hard earned money.
    • Sure, he got his contingency fee, but the families wouldn't have gotten a dime without his help, and in many cases, they would need millions to care for their chronically ill children.
    • Inspectors have the right to pop any locks (and you won't get a dime in compensation; they're allowed to do it by law).
    • After all, no matter who goes first overall or who slides into the second half of the first round, you're not going to see a dime of that money, and neither am I.
    • Even if you never spend a dime of the reserve, the tax savings on your contributions ensure you'll be no worse off than if you hadn't enrolled.
    • They hardly spent a dime, whereas I spent money so fast, I almost ran out of credit cards.
    • That's a lot of loot for a pair of companies that have yet to make a dime in profits.
    • Not a dime of the money stays where it nominally is.
    • Why did so many investors put so much money behind so many companies that had never made a dime?
    • ‘This has been a large front-end expenditure for us before we even see a dime of revenues from the settlement,’ he says.
    • I'm an outsider, un-American for not contributing a dime to the $40-billion-a-year diet industry.
    • The vast majority of dot-coms will never see a dime of profits.
    • Without a dime of government money we are turning thousands of people per month into independent homeowners.
    • He stops speaking to May and refuses to contribute a dime to her education.
    • But its minority investors never saw a dime in profit.
    • The exact economics may be beyond me, but I suspect neither one of us will be saving a dime on this tax cut.
    • We bought our house by borrowing $100,000 from his parents' retirement fund and have not paid back a dime - another nightmare.
    • The hub deal especially contrasts with the down-and-dirty business of having to bet a billion dollars on a vehicle program that may never produce a dime of profits.