Translation of din-din in Spanish:


comidita, n.


Pronunciation /ˈdɪndɪn//ˈdɪndɪn/


child language

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    comidita feminine
    papa feminine Latin America child language
    • My old man pines if i'm not home by five to fix his din-din.
    • Maybe he'll suggest a post-bash din-din.
    • Did you make it home in time for din-dins?
    • ‘Daddy said to give it you, and then hurry home, ‘cause it's time for my bath and din-dins.’
    • And then The Boy and The Sonia came around for din-dins and to be scratched to death by the cat… and to bring us some rather fancy, swivelly office chairs that their work was throwing out (even though they're perfectly fine).
    • I gotta run as soon as din-din's over… didn't have time for a shopping trip!
    • So, I made all the mixings and mash, and served up the din-din!
    • Is it time for din-dins yet?
    • Technique aside, the resulting din-din is on a plane above how I imagined food could taste.
    • Dusty seemed as exhausted and disinterested as an 11-month-old thinking of din-din.
    • He reinforced that ‘This really helps my preparation because I can now go nighty-night after din-din.’