Translation of dioxide in Spanish:


dióxido, n.

Pronunciation /daɪˈɑkˌsaɪd//dʌɪˈɒksʌɪd/



  • 1

    dióxido masculine
    bióxido masculine
    carbon/sulphur dioxide anhídrido carbónico/sulfuroso masculine
    • High concentrations of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxides, and lead apparently often cancel the need for traditional blue.
    • Plastic production is water-intensive and causes air emissions of hydrocarbons, sulfur oxides, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and carbon dioxides.
    • The clay body is held together firmly by the collapsed molecules of aluminum dioxide and silicon oxide, which intermesh like a basket weave.
    • The oxidizing fluxes usually include cupric oxide or manganese dioxide, which decompose at copper alloy melting temperatures to generate the oxygen required.
    • Previously, only the electricity sector and non-ferrous smelting industry were subject to the limits on nitrogen oxide and sulphide dioxide, two of the most notorious and significant contributors to smog.