Translation of dipso in Spanish:


borracho, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdɪpsoʊ//ˈdɪpsəʊ/



  • 1

    borracho masculine
    borracha feminine
    curda feminine River Plate informal
    • Fascinating look at the national results - non drinkers do spectacularly worse than dipsos, and the IQ is in inverse proportion to salary levels.
    • Perhaps a wise old retired policeman would have spotted something, but like all the dipsos I know, he was a tightwad as well, and never went near the bar.
    • He famously adopted the stage persona of an affectless drunk, only to turn, after his son's death, into a genuine dipso.
    • Watching it, we were laughing about what a dipso the director must be.
    • We opt for number two, and discover the dipso cooks a mean cheese omelette.