Translation of dire in Spanish:


funesto, adj.

Pronunciation: /ˈdaɪərə(r)//ˈdʌɪə//ˈdaɪ(ə)r//ˈdaɪərɪst//ˈdaɪrəst//ˈdaɪrər/


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    • 1.1

      (fate/news/consequences) funesto
      (fate/consequences/news) nefasto
      to be in dire straits estar en una situación desesperada
      • Reality is never messed with for long without the most dire, most immediate consequences.
      • But even less dire circumstances can warrant a second look.
      • People are very reluctant to accept pay cuts, even when the company is in pretty dire straits.
      • I knew if we continued to roll until we were inverted, our situation would become dire.
      • The resulting funding slowdown comes as Michigan schools are in dire need of repair.
      • "The situation is pretty dire, " said Thomas.
      • "In this village most families are in dire poverty, " he said.
      • Our Christmas dinner was immensely enjoyed by all, despite the dire shortage of drinks.
      • Neglect of the physical constraints of holiness could be punished with the most dire consequences.
      • But Wisconsin is arguably in the most dire straits.
      • As winter sets in, as many as 5 million face dire food shortages.
      • She would have laughed if the situation hadn't been so dire.
      • He also warned the government of dire consequences if the administration tried to stop either of the batches.
      • The lessons appear clear: engage the moderates or the consequences could be dire.
      • Today, ten years later, the situation is just as dire, especially in rural areas.
      • I choked helplessly as the need for air became dire.
      • There are others though who, not only cannot do this, but are in fact in very dire circumstances.
      • The situation isn't so dire in Northeast Asia, especially in booming China.
      • The situation won't be nearly as dire if the astronauts manage to get their main oxygen generator working again.
      • Discussion then moved on to other potential candidates in similar dire need of counselling.

    • 1.2British informal (very bad)

      espantoso informal
      • Worst of all was the sound quality, which was just dire, and detracted from the event considerably.
      • Yet, it was dire, dismal, as dreary as the grey mist that enveloped the new stadium for the duration of the game.
      • Unfortunately, the look is garish and the build quality dire.
      • The second period wasn't dire in comparison to the first, but the game was in danger of dying a death after the interval.
      • This coincided with his appearance in the movie, a fact that overrode the track's dire, insipid quality.

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    (warning) serio
    (warning) grave
    he made dire predictions about the economy hizo pronósticos más que alarmantes sobre la economía
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    (need/misery) extremo