Translation of direct in Spanish:


directo, adj.

Pronunciation /daɪˈrɛkt//dɪˈrɛkt//dəˈrɛkt//dʌɪˈrɛkt/


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    • 1.1

      (flight/route) directo
      (contact) directo
      (cause/consequence) directo
      there is no direct link between the two incidents los dos incidentes no están directamente relacionados
      • do not expose to direct heat no exponer directamente al calor
      • it has no direct bearing on the result no afecta directamente al resultado
      • direct taxation tributación directa
      • direct elections to the European Parliament elecciones directas al Parlamento Europeo
      • The service is reverting to the direct route between the town centre and Kirkwall Airport and the diversion across the Heathery Loan will be discontinued.
      • A lot of the things that you'll see in Chill Factor were a direct result of my efforts.
      • We have reduced the level of warning in our travel advice for Pakistan; and direct British Airways flights there resumed last December.
      • In circle, we have the most direct contact with the Gods, and with the Divine within ourselves.
      • Such a structural change in the initiation complex can result from direct contacts between the transcription factor and RNA polymerase.
      • How could this service be a threat to the viability of a large Laundromat in an area over 5km away from our estate and not on a direct bus route?
      • On an earlier expedition they had failed to discover the fabled and elusive Northwest Passage that would provide a direct route from Europe to the Orient.
      • Strand Travel is offering a direct flight to Istanbul and many of Chris Doran's own family are booked on the plane which leaves from Dublin.
      • He believed that, if not checked, China would extend its direct influence over the whole of South-East Asia.
      • Mr. Staunton said the introduction of direct flights from Birmingham to Knock were bringing in daily golfers to Enniscrone.
      • New research by a leading expert in the field has included deaths in which MRSA and other superbugs are a factor rather than the direct cause.
      • When the savings aren't enough, you can always book first class, direct flights, or whatever you prefer.
      • PC Braine, who used to be stationed at Pewsey, attempted to wade along the river to reach the woman, but decided it would be quicker to find a more direct route.
      • But at the same time, there was a renewed interest in Early Christian art, resulting from direct contacts with Rome.
      • The second reason I worry is that the dynamism of a closer link with the United States would extend far beyond the direct trade benefits.
      • Contact dermatitis results from direct contact with one of many irritants or allergens.
      • Rail campaigners are renewing calls for Bradford's two stations to be linked and for better direct rail routes to other English cities.
      • So far nearly all human cases of avian flu have resulted from direct contact with infected birds.
      • But with direct and cheap flights to all manner of more ‘civilised’ countries, I am sure they will not be stuck.
      • However, from November 1, the airline will offer direct nonstop flights from Malé to Heathrow on Mondays and Fridays.
      • An exploration of a more direct link between recombination and generation of coding repeats is underway.
      • Much the most effective way of securing the intervention of the ruler was by direct personal contact, and this was achieved through his household or court.
      • Roundtable participants identified several areas where there is a more direct link between facilities and productivity.
      • The island has seen a tourist boom in recent years, following the introduction of direct flights from Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.
      • Unfortunately, sharing a liability with some other African tourist destinations, there is no direct flight to Khartoum.
      • An inquest in Southampton heard that the former ship's fitter died of a lung disease caused as a direct result of contact with asbestos.
      • Committee members will hear at the meeting that this is the only option that allows the cycle track to follow a direct, safe route at a low enough gradient to make it easy to cycle along it.
      • You can fly directly to Palma from both Glasgow and Edinburgh with Globespan until the end of this month, and direct flights are available throughout the year.
      • The completion of Secunderabad-Mudkhed project will provide an alternative shorter direct route to Mumbai.
      • Once considered too far off the main flight paths for budget travellers, Ryanair now offers cheap direct flights from Britain.
      • The minister for transport is using this occasion to invite Arab and other foreign airlines to resume direct flight to Iraq.
      • And then of course, someone said that it was a direct result of Divine intervention that he turned himself in.
      • However, those with the most direct contact with the camper may be in the best position to assess readiness.
      • Since the flight was a direct one to Dublin, the question seemed oddly unsettling some 30,000 feet above the Irish Sea.
      • They are committed to developing a more direct link between the tech team and the worship planning process.
      • Iran has, through intermediaries and in direct talks with the Americans, made clear what it is, and is not, willing to do.
      • It does mean, though, that interviewers need to be sensitive to the dangers to which victims may be exposed as a direct result of the interviewer's presence.
      • That finally resulted in a direct intervention by Foreign Secretary Jack Straw which led to Ian's liberty.
      • Mr Mason compared that to the 70 or 80 trains that he estimated went through the village every day on a direct route between York and Leeds.
      • Against Italy, their display as a pairing was very poor, and as these positions effectively control the game, a direct factor in the overall display.

    • 1.2(in genealogy)

      (line/ancestor) directo
      he's a direct descendant of the duke desciende directamente del duque
      • You never feel totally fine around a clan that isn't a direct descendant or ancestor of your clan, but the intensity varies.
      • That would make him a direct descendant of Robert II - though I suspect this is unprovable.
      • She was the last direct descendant to own the house before Stenton was given to the city of Philadelphia in 1909.
      • She was born in the Peddie region and is a direct descendant of the British 1820 settlers who colonised the Eastern Cape.
      • Her mother was a direct descendant of George Washington's brother Samuel.
      • They are direct descendants of the original people who lived on the land.
      • He answers that Rabbi Yehuda Hanasi was a direct descendant of the head of Bait Hillel and continued in his ways.
      • But more importantly, you are the last direct descendant of the Jester's piper son, Nathaniel.
      • Both were direct progeny of that parent, and one of these inbreds had additional backcrossing to that parent in its pedigree.
      • A direct descendant of Henry VII, Viscount Mountgarret was Eton and Sandhurst educated and a former captain in the Irish Guards.
      • Why should the genetic relatedness effect be stronger for direct lineages than it is for peripheral lineages?
      • Henry Cecil was a direct descendant of the English statesman, William Cecil, Lord Burghley.
      • He is probably related to - a direct descendant of, possibly - Hans Christian Andersen.
      • The race today also looked likely to feature a direct descendant of each horse.
      • Heaven doesn't want me because I'm in the direct bloodline of a vampire who dealt with the devil.
      • The granddaughter and last direct descendant of the late Greek tycoon is also the inadvertent inheritor of a tragic family history.
      • The research has shown a clear genetic relationship amongst Cohanim and their direct lineage from a common ancestor.
      • I have been successful in tracing the Cooper family line back to the 1780s, but so far cannot find any of Mark Cooper's direct descendants.
      • Although she gets reborn in a Caribbean setting, there is no direct lineage convincingly established for her.
      • He claims he's a direct descendant of Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone, and if you saw him shoot, you might believe him.

    • 1.3(exact)

      (equivalent/quotation) exacto
      he's the direct opposite of his brother es diametralmente opuesto a su hermano
      • to score a direct hit (in argument) dar en el blanco
      • This ends our direct quotation from Fisher's thesis, and his description of his machine.
      • There is the direct quotation from them in paragraph 15 (albeit followed by the words of the new rule).
      • This is a direct quotation from the President of the Royal Society of London, the Australian, who I gather was made a Lord the other day.
      • Except at the end of the last movement, he avoids direct quotation.
      • A quick check established that this was the case with all of the references given in the book, even for direct quotations.
      • A correspondent rightly faults me for not giving the direct quotation.
      • The fact is, the standards for direct quotation in print media are scandalously low, and should be reformed.
      • This is followed by a more detailed treatment that includes both synthesis and direct quotations.
      • I haven't been able to come up with a direct quotation, so I thought I better ask you directly.
      • The couples' thoughts are interspersed throughout the book in the form of direct quotations.
      • Viewers gain a wealth of information about Wright and hear some of his direct quotations.
      • The AP story limited direct quotation from the Clinton book to only 180 words.
      • However, the text contains few direct quotations or thoughts from Douglas herself.
      • Here's a direct quotation from the written statement he issued this week.
      • Fromkin uses footnotes to identify direct quotations rather than to support historical argument.
      • A final document of themes, categories, and direct quotations was sent to each of us for validation.
      • The articles incorporated substantial sections of the Minute both in direct quotation and in paraphrase.
      • Participant's direct quotations were included to illustrate themes in this pilot study.
      • He cites not a single work, nor is there any direct quotation.
      • There is a more serious question that arises from a book that relies so heavily on direct quotations.

    • 1.4Linguistics

      (question/command) en estilo directo
      direct discourse / speech estilo directo masculine

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    (frank, straightforward)
    (person/manner) franco
    (manner/person) directo
    (question) directo
    he wouldn't give me a direct answer no quiso darme una respuesta clara / concreta
    • He is so direct, he practically assaults the modern, spin-accustomed ear.
    • He's somewhat direct and straightforward in his approach to business.
    • As a method of communication they are less direct than straightforward statements, but they may often be more effective.
    • She always liked the way Miss Louise was always direct and straight.
    • I loved these people - they are so direct, there is no hidden agenda.
    • He is direct in confronting over-negative perspectives.
    • That was one of the many things he liked about her, she was direct and she always got straight to the point.
    • But, at the same time, he is a sincere and direct person, who doesn't fear saying what he thinks.
    • Speak clearly, compellingly, and without reluctance; assert yourself as a direct leader.
    • His flaw was his indispensable virtue: he was direct and candid in telling the unvarnished truth.
    • They are more direct than us, in some ways like animals, but also with more elaborate notions of politeness.
    • He thinks they're more mature, they're more direct and they're much less dramatic.
    • But I also liked how he was direct about the age thing, candid but tactful.
    • He is an immensely likeable, straightforward and direct person.
    • And he was, is, a very honest, very direct bloke and I had a lot of time for him.
    • He is a bit upset by that, that anybody thought he was wanting to leave just for one half-time where I was more direct with the players than I have been for a few months.
    • She's very direct when you ask her about her pet hates.
    • He's very direct, he's a very honest person, he's a very religious person, he means exactly what he says.
    • We sure appreciate you being so direct with us and joining us.
    • They both are very direct men, they both are very honest and sincere men and they both are men who don't mince their words.


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    (phone/write) directamente
    (travel/go) directo British
    (go/travel) directamente British
    to dial direct discar directamente el número Latin America
  • 2

    he came direct from the station/his meeting vino directamente desde la estación/de la reunión
    • direct from Paris en directo desde París
  • 3USinformal

    sin rodeos
    give it to me direct dímelo directamente / sin rodeos

transitive verb

  • 1

    (give directions to)
    indicarle el camino a
    can you direct me to the station? ¿me podría decir cómo se va a la estación?
  • 2

    (letter/parcel) mandar
    (letter/parcel) dirigir
  • 3

    (remark/comment) dirigir
    it was directed at us iba dirigido a nosotros
  • 4

    (energy/attention) dirigir
  • 5

    (steps/eyes/gaze) dirigir
  • 6

    (traffic/play/orchestra/inquiry) dirigir
  • 7formal

    to direct sb to + inf ordenarle a algn que + subj
    • take as directed tómese según prescripción facultativa

intransitive verb

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