Translation of director's cut in Spanish:

director's cut

versión del director, n.

Pronunciation /dɪ-//daɪ-//daɪˈrektə(r)z ˌkʌt//dəˈrektərz ˌkʌt/


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    versión del director feminine
    • For the first time they have assembled a director's cut which incorporates more gore than the previous VHS releases.
    • On July 23, Newmarket Films released a director's cut featuring 20 minutes of extra footage.
    • We borrowed the director's cut of Das Boot.
    • We have a director's cut of Hellboy coming on DVD, with a likely sequel there too.
    • The director's cut can, annoyingly, be purchased in the DVD boxset.
    • An extended director's cut would undoubtedly have helped.
    • Sadly, the original DVD release contained neither the excised footage nor a director's cut.
    • Just sat through the 311 minute director's cut of 1900 with a friend.
    • The recently released director's cut of Amadeus runs June 26-27 at 9pm at the Revue.
    • For that reason there was no opportunity to include any deleted scenes or make a director's cut.
    • Of course, movie studios will sometimes release alternate edits in the form of "director's cuts" or "alternate endings"
    • We watched the director's cut of Blade Runner.
    • My most recent DVD purchase was the director's cut of The Wicker Man.
    • On the bright side, there won't be a "director's cut" issued in six months.
    • The director's cut is practically useless without the alternate vocals.
    • The final scene bore scant resemblance to the director's cut.
    • For scare value, the Exorcist (director's cut) still gets my vote.
    • In 1998, a director's cut of Touch of Evil was released.
    • The ceremony coincided with the DVD release of the director's cut.
    • First off, viewers can choose from either the "director's cut" or the "theatrical cut" of the film.