Translation of directory enquiries in Spanish:

directory enquiries

plural noun


  • 1

    • Metro One Telecommunications, a small company based in Beaverton, Oregon, handles directory assistance for Sprint PCS - and also for Nextel and many regional cellular companies.
    • The new number for directory enquiries has fuelled the debate on call centres and the accents that work best with callers.
    • But I wasn't going to give up so I phoned directory enquiries to get the number of the Derbyshire firm which makes the puddings.
    • And, since there is no Skype phone book or directory assistance, it is up to you to know how to reach the other person.
    • They work in four centres in Glasgow and Birmingham, handling directory enquiries, 999 emergencies, operator-assisted calls and international calls on behalf of Cable & Wireless.
    • Avoid using directory enquiries if you need to find a telephone number.
    • The company has developed natural voice technology called Vox - Builder, which allows call centre functions such as directory enquiries to be auto-mated.
    • So I call back directory assistance and a different person gives me yet another number to call which as you've probably guessed it, is out of service.
    • In practice, that will mean dialing operator service numbers such as directory enquiries and voicemail facilities is the same, wherever you are and whatever language you speak.
    • On the other hand, we feel that providing the city and state of the business' location makes it relatively easy for readers to get contact information through directory assistance and other public resources.
    • Curiously, according to the latest research from Oftel, eight in ten people are aware that there are a range of new numbers for directory enquiries with three in ten people already using the new 118 numbers.
    • Context-specific, speaker-independent software is in common use today for 1-800 telephone directory assistance, flight reservations, and other uses.
    • In this work I do not classify information services such as weather, directory assistance and airline schedules as content.
    • 192 was (until very recently) the telephone number for directory enquiries in the UK.
    • Following a radical reshape by OFTEL at the end of last month, the 192 directory enquiries was replaced by numerous six-digit services - all of which begin with 118.
    • Current services may not offer directory assistance or phone book listings.
    • The cost of line rental, directory enquiries, handset rental and call answering will rise from March 18.
    • I got the telephone number for Westing Police Station from directory enquiries.
    • The couple were only rescued from the machine when Mrs White called the kiosk on her mobile phone after obtaining the number through directory enquiries.
    • Did you know that one can't call directory enquiries from a phone box?