Translation of disastrous in Spanish:


desastroso, adj.

Pronunciation /dəˈzæstrəs//dɪˈzɑːstrəs/


  • 1

    they took no precautions, with disastrous consequences no tomaron precauciones, lo cual tuvo consecuencias desastrosas / catastróficas
    • the result was disastrous el resultado fue desastroso / catastrófico
    • Assaults by parts of five more Union divisions proved equally disastrous.
    • American policy was thus based on a disastrous miscalculation, which came home to roost at Pearl Harbor.
    • But it proved as disastrous for Yugoslavia as it did for the Soviet Union.
    • Now this statement today is only possible because we've fixed up that disastrous budget situation we inherited.
    • If that was what Blair thought, then this was, of course, a disastrous miscalculation.
    • And then humans return, and the two cultures clash with potentially disastrous consequences.
    • Nowadays in an even more competitive world, it would be economically disastrous for strikes to become commonplace.
    • The increase in numbers, while it distorts the demographic picture, has more disastrous effects.
    • To entrust such commercial affairs to a non-executive board "has potentially disastrous consequences".
    • For the same disastrous policies are being inflicted on people here in Britain.
    • All the administration can offer, however, is more of the same disastrous policy.
    • Such a war can only have the most disastrous consequences.
    • And as models of normative desire, desire that he can never satisfy, they are equally disastrous.
    • Our motivations may be pure, but the results are just as disastrous.
    • TV and politics have always made inevitable bedfellows, but the results have been disastrous.
    • Reverting to a full troop withdrawal stance would be both pointless and disastrous in policy terms.
    • The whole world is getting a massive overdose of female hormones and the result is absolutely disastrous to many species.
    • And who was responsible for the sales re-organisation with the disastrous effects on Europe?
    • Any mistake by the locks could also prove environmentally disastrous.
    • I always think that disastrous situations bring about the positive of great opportunities then being available to turn things around.