Translation of disbelief in Spanish:


incredulidad, n.

Pronunciation /dɪsbɪˈliːf//ˌdɪsbəˈlif/


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    incredulidad feminine
    she looked at me in disbelief me miró incrédula / sin dar crédito a lo que veía (or oía etc.)
    • I like to go to movies to suspend my disbelief for a few hours, and I have to pay for that.
    • In fact, like any kind of entertainment, it requires a willing suspension of disbelief to make it work at all.
    • His face seemed to dripping with disbelief, rage and sadness all at once.
    • His outburst ended with a slight smirk, no doubt at my expression of unrestrained disbelief and anger.
    • It has left everybody I know shaking their heads in disbelief and anger.
    • One only had to look at the bewilderment and disbelief on their faces to gauge what they must be feeling.
    • My first reaction on discovering the burglary was disbelief, indignation and real sadness.
    • Why must you always be expected to suspend your disbelief while watching a comedy?
    • No one in her family could believe that she had suffered a stroke at such a young age, but soon their disbelief turned to anger.
    • The dominant emotional reaction to the letter was shock and disbelief or anger and indignation.
    • The expression on Jessica's face changed, I saw the shock and disbelief, and then sadness.
    • Yesterday parents waiting for their children outside school reacted with fury and disbelief at the news.
    • They had met the news that the terrorists lived among them with shock and disbelief.
    • There is an instant change from mild anger and heavy annoyance to startled astonishment and disbelief.
    • To succeed as art, sci-fi and fantasy have to persuade us to suspend our disbelief in the world being conjured up.
    • When a diagnosis is made that your loved one has a very serious illness the first reaction is of course shock and disbelief.
    • It must survive rejection or disbelief to either be accepted or at least raise a reasonable doubt.
    • This is just sickening us all and there's a real sense of disbelief here.
    • This intense feeling of disbelief and relief has been a typical reaction in New England.
    • The shock and disbelief was hard to bear, and we were all overwhelmed with grief.