Translation of disciplinarian in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌdɪsɪplɪˈnɛːrɪən//ˌdɪsəpləˈnɛriən/


  • 1

    he is a strict disciplinarian impone una disciplina férrea
    • he is a poor disciplinarian no sabe mantener la disciplina
    • Our captain was a strict disciplinarian who wouldn't think twice about not letting us wear sneakers or breaking up a poker game if he was in ill humor.
    • Lucie highly doubted that there would be other punishment since her parents weren't usually strict disciplinarians.
    • The six-foot redhead is known as a disciplinarian and a diplomat, a gregarious, backslapping sort who goes to extraordinary lengths to inspire the troops.
    • A strict disciplinarian, he is particular about his health and is into yoga and meditation.
    • She is a strict disciplinarian who doesn't believe in fun.
    • My mother was born in India and her father was a strict disciplinarian and everyone was in awe of him.
    • In the past schools had firm disciplinarians who managed sports.
    • His parents were strict disciplinarians, and his private tuition was seriously deficient.
    • Most people who have worked with her will testify that she is the strictest of disciplinarians, but is always willing to go the extra mile to help a young colleague.
    • He was a man of violent temper and sarcastic tongue, a strict disciplinarian, and ruthless in his exactions.
    • He's a strict disciplinarian, an innovator in the passing game and a coach who loves to play physical football.
    • They were strict disciplinarians and when his university results slipped, tensions in the house increased.
    • Raymond is a strict disciplinarian and expects very high standards of his family.
    • For a long, long time he was seen to be a strict disciplinarian.
    • Also, you can enjoy seeing both sides - is the father making a real effort, or is he a strict disciplinarian?
    • However, behind this façade lurks a strict disciplinarian who never hesitates to act firmly and take unpopular decisions.
    • He was a skilled sailor and a firm disciplinarian.
    • Balding, short-sighted, and uncommunicative, he was driven by a powerful sense of duty and was a firm disciplinarian.
    • He was a strict disciplinarian and a firm believer in corporal punishment.
    • He is a disciplinarian who insists on following the rules.