Translation of disciplined in Spanish:


disciplinado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdɪsəplɪnd//ˈdɪsəˌplɪnd/


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    • If we do not take a disciplined approach these accidents will continue to happen.
    • As they become proficient in handling their bikes they are subtly introduced to the need for disciplined behaviour on the road.
    • There were five teams of prison warders, all of them in full uniform, and waiting in a disciplined manner for the event to start.
    • It requires just a bit of creative imagination and disciplined thought.
    • It is an example of the disciplined financial controls which have built up the funds the country needs for public works and poverty relief.
    • A wisp of auburn hair fell across her forehead, challenging the control of her disciplined features.
    • It is important that both parties have the ability to remain calm and work in a composed disciplined manner.
    • Intervention has taken place in an unusually disciplined and performance-based manner.
    • The House of Commons is organized along adversarial lines, its proceedings normally controlled by a disciplined party majority.
    • It's a disciplined approach to creating websites which involves a great deal of discussion about objectives.
    • Two highly disciplined and law-abiding populations meekly submitted to defeat.
    • The survey also shows it is companies with successful plans that are more likely to have a disciplined approach to managing and monitoring their plan.
    • He said the company takes a very disciplined approach when contemplating entering a market where the culture is different.
    • The pacy, busy, vibrant winger has been replaced by a more thoughtful, more disciplined player.
    • But it will be a tight, disciplined budget with spending under disciplined control.
    • A successful yogi is expected to achieve mental control by way of various types of disciplined movement and breathing.
    • We're taking a little more disciplined approach toward training in golf than might have been done in the past.
    • The most significant among them are the ambience and the disciplined manner in which the festival is conducted.
    • His was a textbook performance of disciplined self control and he did what was asked for team and country.
    • I replied that as a disciplined civil servant I had no option but to accept the post.