Translation of discolour in Spanish:


transitive and intransitive verb


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    • This dentine is darker than enamel, so teeth appear stained and discoloured.
    • To prevent the apples from discolouring, place slices into a bowl with water and a little lemon juice.
    • As a nation of tea and coffee drinkers, our teeth take a battering and frequently end up stained or discoloured.
    • Something strange is happening to the trees: their beautiful green leaves are fading, discoloring, even coming loose and blowing away.
    • Her teeth are uneven and discoloured, but otherwise she looks in reasonable health.
    • If you wait, it may be too late to safely remove the spot without staining or discoloring the fabric.
    • It was rather an ‘aesthetic issue’ as the water could be slightly discoloured.
    • Todays digital prints are made to last decades without fading or discoloring.
    • The reason given as to why the water was still discolored was as a result of it passing through peat land.
    • Because the well water is discoloured and foul-smelling, people have to walk about two kilometres looking for cleaner water.
    • Trim off tough or discolored bottoms of mushroom stems and any bruised spots or blemishes.
    • Because that will increase the flow in the second mains, sediment can be disturbed, so sometimes water will be discoloured.
    • Even when the fountain was working properly it was frequently full of soap suds or discoloured because someone had put something into the water.
    • Aged vinegar acquires an increasingly brown colour as enzymes discolour compounds from the original fruit.
    • Now three weeks later, the area around the nail holes seem to be discolored and a different color than the rest of the strip.
    • His facial expression never changed when I touched those terrible marks, and put my fingertips to his disfigured, discoloured, swollen ears.
    • Having digital copies is all very well but they don't fade and discolour as the years go by.
    • It's easy for teeth to become discoloured over the years.
    • Smoking also discolours teeth and fillings, diminishes taste and smell, increases the risk of mouth cancer and makes dental implants more likely to fail.
    • If the ink is placed too near the surface, it will prematurely fade or discolour.