Translation of discontented in Spanish:


descontento, adj.

Pronunciation /dɪskənˈtɛntɪd//ˌdɪskənˈtɛn(t)əd/


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    to be discontented with sth estar descontento con algo
    • A discontented dog can be heard barking in the distance.
    • For a long time now I've been discontented with the blog.
    • While shopping in New York City, our discontented housewife gets caught in a furious windstorm.
    • Positive emotions are those that make you happy; negative emotions are those that make you discontented or miserable.
    • We are never more discontented with others than when we are discontented with ourselves.
    • And there is a strangely discontented mood abroad in the land as prosperity has brought its own problems, not least envy and impatience.
    • In addition, this administration could further inflame segments of the world already discontented with the global economic system.
    • It helps him write songs if he feels angry or discontented.
    • Doctors are discontented, and one reason is their dissatisfaction with their relationship with managers.
    • Even if people feel discontented, they should not harbour such a deep grudge.
    • You can be content in your own private life and still be discontented about what's happening in the country, and that's always been the case.
    • So far he has presented himself to the public as nothing more than a blank sheet, blotting paper that can absorb discontented and alienated voters who might turn against the government.
    • It is designed for those discontented with the status quo.
    • He was a melancholic, discontented man, with problems of his own.
    • I'd ended sophomore year back at square one - discontented and unhappy.
    • Millions of us started moving, linked in broad coalitions of the discontented.
    • His discontented and frustrated characters actively pursue their options and do not just submit to their fate.
    • That criticism is increasingly resonating with both discontented workers and peasants.
    • In the meantime, tobacco growers grew discontented because of the low purchasing price of tobacco.
    • They remain under-represented in every branch of governance, a discontented lot.