Translation of discount in Spanish:


descuento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdɪskaʊnt//ˈdɪskaʊnt/


  • 1

    descuento masculine
    (stationer/store) (before noun) de saldos
    (hardware/furniture) de saldo
    I got a 10% discount/ a discount of 10% me hicieron un 10% de descuento / un descuento del 10%
    • she gave me a discount on the sofa me hizo un descuento en el precio del sofá
    • cash discount descuento por pago en efectivo / al contado
    • is there a trade discount? ¿hacen descuentos al gremio?
    • at a discount
    • the goods were sold off at a discount la mercancía se vendió con descuento / a precio reducido
    • these shares are at a discount to their issue price estas acciones se cotizan por debajo de su precio de emisión
    • good manners seem to be at a discount these days hoy en día ya no cuentan los buenos modales
    • The designer outlets offer permanent discounts, with up to 50% off and all merchandise sold is stock surplus to the high street stores.
    • However, special discounts are available to companies placing adverts for more than ten weeks at a time.
    • The voucher books, which offer more than £50 in discounts, cost £10, with the schools keeping £6 to spend as they wish.
    • The expo organisers offer a 20 per cent discount on handloom items and 10 per cent on handicraft materials.
    • She said their price structure, which does include discounts for students, offers ‘something for everyone’.
    • Children up to six months travel free and a special discount is available to passengers travelling on the first weekend.
    • The 5 per cent special discount offered by the general insurance companies is expected to be phased out.
    • Thus the supermarkets are able to negotiate massive discounts on the retail price in return for massive purchases.
    • Our prices are negotiable and we do offer discounts for bulk purchases.
    • Companies that sign the charter receive free advice and information and discounts towards the cost of cleaning their buildings.
    • The potential margin has been helped by the generosity of firms involved, many of whom gave substantial discounts.
    • You will probably find that from time to time you will get extra offers, discounts and lower shipping costs.
    • My only reservation is that members and members who accompany friends should be given a substantial discount.
    • The majority of European airports which operate below capacity offer discounts to encourage airlines to use them.
    • But how hard would it be to create a movie gift card that offers a discount for the cost of 10 tickets or more?
    • A 25 per cent discount is also available for many trips to the U.S. and Western Canada.
    • Some insurance companies have links with alarm providers and locksmiths who may offer extra discount on the cost of locks or alarms.
    • Many vendors at these shows offer discounts for point-of-sale purchases on the exhibit day, so take money or your credit cards with you.
    • Buyers will also receive discounts on their purchases.
    • Most companies offer a discount if you purchase in larger quantities.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (amount) descontar
    I could discount 10% for you podría descontarle un 10%
  • 2

    (goods) rebajar
  • 3

    (price/debt) reducir
    at discounted prices con descuento
  • 4

    (promissory note/bill of exchange) descontar
  • 5

    (possibility) descartar
    (criticism/claim) pasar por alto
    (criticism/claim) no tener en cuenta
    you can discount most of what she says no hay que tener en cuenta la mayor parte de lo que dice