Translation of discredit in Spanish:


desacreditar, v.

Pronunciation /dɪsˈkrɛdət//dɪsˈkrɛdɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (show to be false)
    (theory) desacreditar
    to be discredited estar desacreditado
    • They fought vigorously, attempting to discredit the mass of unreliable testimony the prosecution had presented.
    • After all, why not attempt to discredit a person's thoughts when you have nothing to go with?
    • Yet by the early part of the 20th century, the idea had been discredited and seemed to have gone for good.
    • However, he said he was not ready to take the stage any time soon and discredited recent promotions under which his name appeared.
    • He discredits the idea that the innocent and law-abiding have nothing to worry about, arguing that privacy isn't simply an individual ‘quality of life’ issue.
    • One can discredit good ideas by associating them with bad ones.
    • However, there is now a fairly large and growing body of research to discredit that assumption.
    • In its most common form, this fallacy attempts to discredit an idea or belief by associating it with an undesirable person or a group.
    • More recently, another life-and-death issue has emerged to discredit the notion that ‘free trade’ guides these institutions.
    • Old, formerly discredited ideas about race and culture are on the ascent once again.
    • First, these results prove that drug use is prevalent among arrestees and discredits the notion that rural communities are immune to this particular problem.
    • I have said enough elsewhere to discredit such notions.
    • He uses the opportunity to use scientific and mathematical methods to discredit belief in the supernatural.
    • Killing whales in the name of scientific research simply discredits the notion of wildlife research.
    • I don't know if he was trying to discredit my idea, or if the stress was simply getting to him.
    • The best way to discredit foolish ideas is to let people hear them.
    • Can we expect to defeat terrorism without also discrediting the ideas and passions that underlie it?
    • Postmodernism discredits the concepts of ‘beauty’ and ‘aesthetics’ because they are subjective terms.
    • Avoid the tendency to discredit the ideas of others when they disagree with your ideas or challenge you.
    • This research helped to discredit the current ideas about ‘affinities’ between two substances, conceived almost as absolutes.
  • 2

    (damage reputation of)
    • But on the other hand, you can read books about the politics of the effort to discredit him. His cause was obviously unpleasant to the status quo.
    • They started blackening and discrediting them.
    • Increasingly under pressure from all sides, the military dictatorship is intent on using the trial to completely discredit the former prime minister and his government.
    • We must show our country that there is an alternative to this deceitful, dishonest, and discredited government.
    • Files disappear and former employees are discredited with allegations and lies.
    • She wanted the President to believe in her innocence, and that she loves the country and she would never do anything to harm or discredit the citizens..
    • The Senator, for example, famously made an ill-fated effort to discredit him.
    • And it was his office that took the lead in the administration's efforts to discredit Joe and his wife.
    • It may be an invention to discredit his posthumous reputation and supporters.
    • The defendants engineered an ulterior motive to discredit the claimant's reputation by writing maliciously about him in the practice teacher's report.
    • The company hired detectives to follow him and dig up dirt in an effort to discredit him.
    • Furthermore, its response in the aftermath of the tragedy has been to gag or discredit the reputation of those who have attempted to speak out.
    • She went further to discredit her former colleague by calling her a liar and a thief.
    • I could take steps to discredit your organization and undermine it so that it could not maintain the project on a large scale.
    • The government responded with a barrage of attacks aimed at discrediting the former aide.
    • Only last week an effort to discredit him and, if possible, to jail him collapsed.
    • After more than two weeks, he surrendered and was put on trial in an effort to discredit him and to deter others who might be tempted to leak government secrets.
    • Since making that complaint it seems that there has been, on the information I have, a concerted effort to discredit her in many, many ways.
    • Faced with a review that would need to be more than a rubber stamp, the government seems to have mounted a diplomatic and media effort aimed at discrediting its own tribunal.
    • Why do you think that newspaper and others have invested so much effort in discrediting me personally?


  • 1

    descrédito masculine
    to bring sth/sb into discredit desacreditar / desprestigiar algo/a algn
    • to bring discredit on / upon sb/sth traer el descrédito a algn/algo
    • to be/redound to the discredit of sb/sth ir/redundar en descrédito de algn/algo
  • 2

    (object of disgrace)
    to be a discredit to sb/sth ser una vergüenza para algn/algo
  • 3

    (doubt, disbelief)
    to throw / cast discredit on sth poner algo en tela de juicio