Translation of discreet in Spanish:


discreto, adj.

Pronunciation /dɪˈskrit//dɪˈskriːt/


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    (person/conduct/inquiries) discreto
    she maintained a discreet silence mantuvo un discreto silencio
    • I followed at a discreet distance seguí a una distancia prudencial
    • Specially tuned cars usually boast a discreet logo.
    • Their bodyguards followed them around the place at discreet distances.
    • For the cross examination she is dressed in a sober black dress and discreet gold chain as befits a senior law officer.
    • They apply their mind and are trained to be discreet enough to prevent people from knowing that they are being watched.
    • When she noticed me, she gave me a discreet wink and continued with her speech.
    • The colours and discreet lighting of the restaurant blend and lend superbly to the informal atmosphere and freshest food.
    • Wearing a smart green dress and discreet golden earrings, she seemed every inch the sophisticated operator.
    • Their discreet designer labels send out waves of attitude like bullets, but secretly they delight in the attention.
    • She's looking good in black suit, styled hair and discreet (but still obvious) makeup.
    • More matronly sorts opt instead for ye olde-style tea shoppes and here you can eavesdrop over a discreet pot of Darjeeling.
    • It is large, bound in luxurious leather, with discreet gold lettering announcing its pedigree.
    • Then, the keys emit soft clicks with each key press, much more discreet than the loud beep.
    • He had been careful to maintain a discreet distance between the architects of the plan and the hired help.
    • Some repairs to the shed and a discreet coat of green, brown or black woodstain might improve its appearance, for instance.
    • He jumps in his chair at a discreet cough immediately beside him.
    • It is possible to be discreet, and a lot of famous people are.
    • A lot of their work is carried out in a very discreet and confidential manner.
    • As you would expect from a Roux protégé, his sauces are intensely delicious but discreet and not over-rich.
    • I talked to him last week in the understated luxury of the discreet Residence.
    • The purpose of the bullying audit was explained and their participation in a confidential and discreet interview was invited.
    • The agent was one of the most tactful and discreet people that I have ever met in my life.
    • He tries to be more discreet about his own political leanings.
    • A discreet cough alerted him to the couple's readiness to leave.
    • Do they fear physical harm or do they fear being forced to be discreet so as to avoid physical harm?
    • And here is an orchestration of imagery that is as powerful as it is discreet.
    • He stressed his team were discreet in their inquiries and that any innocent party could be easily eliminated from the hunt.
    • Their style is neat, discreet, simple, conservative and under-stated.
    • Please note that it is important from the outset that you should be discreet about your interest in joining the Service.
    • There is a discreet knock on the door of the mayoral chamber.
    • She is diplomatically discreet about the pitfalls for foreign firms in the country.
    • Steel toe-cap boots can prove to be an excellent equaliser - smart-looking and discreet is best.
    • But, immaculately dressed in a dark-grey trouser suit, the effect is discreet.
    • Clearly he considered this work to be creative and, while he is often bold in his alterations, he can also be discreet and delicate.
    • Probably to avoid arousing the ire of his notoriously touchy band mates, he becomes more discreet and less gossipy as time goes by.
    • Autobiographies are often curiously discreet about the awful transition.
    • In Britain, we'd see that as just being discreet, not making a fuss, not imposing yourself arrogantly on other people.
    • After his daughter's birth, the president confided, several friends had advised him to seek a discreet divorce.
    • He said they might still be able to wear discreet turbans to school but did not mention their facial hair.
    • I wish I were a discreet sort of person in whom others could confide.
    • He was a delightful man but he had a very discreet nature.
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    (colors/elegance) discreto
    (colors/elegance) sobrio