Translation of disengagement in Spanish:


desconexión, n.

Pronunciation /ˌdɪsənˈɡeɪdʒmənt//dɪsɪnˈɡeɪdʒm(ə)nt//dɪsɛnˈɡeɪdʒm(ə)nt/


  • 1

    desconexión feminine
    • The locking mechanism prevents an unintentional disengagement by shock, vibration or pulling the cable.
    • Latching connectors on .050 in centerlines are easy to use and require no tools for engagement and disengagement.
    • Disengagement of the motor drive shall permit the use of a wrench on the output shaft flats.
    • The motor vehicle door locks have a central lock mechanism drive with control positions for engagement and/or disengagement of the theft preventative configuration and the central lock mechanism drive is operable by the electronic operating device.
  • 2

    retirada feminine
    • Of even greater interest to soldiers may be the effect that technology-promoted disengagement may have on those of us who are called upon to fight a war.
    • Unlike in other areas of life, in warfare disengagement can be seen as a positive outcome of the application of technology.
    • The difference between disengagement and withdrawal may be significant for Gazans, but the entire conflict will not pivot upon it.
    • We can survive, but there will be no military disengagement.
    • During annihilation of large armed units, during disengagement or disarmament of major opposing forces armed with heavy weapons, the main role is assigned to subunits and units of the Land Forces.
    • But leaving settlements gives us the legitimacy to use all force necessary to act militarily after disengagement.
    • Eisenhower and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev successfully negotiated the disengagement of Anglo-French and Israeli forces from Egypt.
    • These accords directed a military disengagement based on a temporary demarcation line across the narrow waist of the country at the 17th parallel.
    • While continued coalition oversight and resources are still required, coalition forces are on the way to complete disengagement.
    • Even with the successful training and fielding of an African Standby Force, any long-term success will ultimately succumb to international disengagement.
    • Some say that the 52,000-strong disengagement force of police and troops will begin by evacuating the secular settlements.
    • The EU also urged the fighting forces to start the disengagement of troops in terms of an earlier agreement.
    • Both countries realize that military disengagement and political feuding are no substitutes for a more effective partnership.
    • Yet even when we are made aware of that disengagement, we can still remain committed to military service.
    • Another factor is elite disengagement from military affairs.
    • The October 1973 war forced Israel into military disengagement talks.
    • The increasingly rapid pace of planning for British military disengagement has been revealed on the eve of the Party conference, which will see renewed demands for a deadline for withdrawal.
    • I ordered disengagement and sent two runners to find his platoon and tell him to join the rest of us on the knoll where we took up pre-attack positions and set up night security.
    • Shall we call it withdrawal, disengagement, or re-deployment?
    • Another nonlethal way in which technology might assist with the problem of disengagement in war will increase as technology itself becomes more prolific.