Translation of disgorge in Spanish:


Pronunciation /dɪsˈɡɔːdʒ//dɪsˈɡɔrdʒ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    the bag burst, disgorging its contents onto the floor la bolsa se rompió y todo lo que había dentro se desparramó por el suelo
    • the river disgorges its waters into the lake el río vierte sus aguas en el lago
    • Cramming facts into your head so you can disgorge them on to paper in a three-hour exam requires little if any true understanding of your subject matter.
    • It courses through Black Canyon, which, thanks to a series of fault zones, disgorges heat from the fire below.
    • Gold disgorged by central banks is quickly absorbed by private monetary demand.
    • They quickly identified the one that had collected the papers earlier in the day and were able to pinpoint where it was later scheduled to disgorge its contents.
    • The cruisers swung around the southern pole and nosed upward toward the enemy flotilla, simultaneously disgorging volleys of missiles.
    • It formed a gigantic neon flower, opening in slow motion, disgorging a thousand bright stars like scattered seeds.
    • Nor do they disgorge millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide - one of the main causes of the climate chaos that is triggering floods, storms and droughts around the world.
    • Australian ocean freighters disgorge tons of iron ore onto conveyor belts leading to a 105-meter-high blast furnace.
    • And of course there was the cornucopia of the ice machine, which disgorged a torrent of pure perfect cubes at the touch of a button.
    • The main batteries erupted in anger, disgorging volleys of pale blue plasma bolts.
    • At the base of the camp, a recent avalanche had disgorged burlap sacks, old door frames, mortar boxes, rolls of bailing wire, and pieces of fiberglass.
    • It held scores of multi-shaped machines which, for a stipulated sum, would disgorge a variety of stamps, forms, envelopes and other postal miscellanea.
    • The vases are lain on their sides as if disgorging their invisible contents.
    • He tried to disgorge thoughts of Kira, to focus on where he was going and what he had to do.
    • We enjoyed a prolonged encounter with a cuttlefish, which eventually showed its displeasure by disgorging a sac-full of ink - all this in a maximum depth of 5m.
    • Our flat merely looks as if a Pickfords van flew through the window and disgorged its contents all over the wall-to-wall.
  • 2

    • Alas, on freeing his pooch from the bathroom a second time he realised it had disgorged the contents of the first meal all over the floor.
    • A wasp will disgorge food as submissive behavior.
    • It is known to harass birds as large as Red-tailed Hawks or vultures, causing them to disgorge food.
    • The green spot may have been there to guide the young to peck at the parent's beak and make the parents disgorge food.
    • They readily disgorge their prey to feed their young.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (river) desembocar
    • His contemporary, the geographer Strabo, argued that the sea had once been a lake and that the many rivers that disgorge into it had, in the recent past, filled it to overflowing.
    • Over the millennia, the Indus river cut some 17 major and numerous minor creeks in the region as it disgorged into the Arabian Sea in the south.
    • Boney Point is near where the Avon River disgorges into the Lake.
    • In a phone interview, he said melting ice on land, disgorging water into the sea, could be the only conceivable reason for rising ocean levels.
    • Aberystwyth and Aberdeen are typical of towns named after the rivers which disgorge their waters into the sea and which the towns grew around.