Translation of disgust in Spanish:


darle asco a, v.

Pronunciation: /dɪsˈɡəst//dɪsˈɡʌst/

transitive verb

  • 1

    darle asco a
    you disgust me! ¡me das asco!
    • the smell/taste disgusts me el olor/sabor me da asco / me repugna
    • I am disgusted by his disregard for others me indigna su falta de consideración con el prójimo


  • 1

    indignación feminine
    (physical, stronger) asco masculine
    (physical, stronger) repugnancia feminine
    it fills me with disgust me repugna
    • disgust at sth
    • my disgust at their behavior surprised them les sorprendió que me indignara su comportamiento
    • much to my disgust, they ate it raw se lo comieron crudo, lo cual me dio un asco espantoso
    • I turned away, in disgust at the sight me volví, asqueado por aquel espectáculo
    • she stormed out of the meeting in disgust salió indignada / furiosa de la reunión
    • He disgusts me and nothing's going to get me buying one of his records, ever again.
    • There's a vicious, potentially hurtful quality to it that disgusts me.
    • Whatever those guys in the presidential palaces or state houses have to say, we know the truth - and it both alarms and disgusts us.
    • I didn't say one word to the players after the game because I am absolutely disgusted with them.
    • In fact, it totally disgusts me that my name has been used in this way and I wish to put it on record that I totally disassociate myself from this party.
    • Your ladyship should know about my beliefs and frankly your behaviour disgusts me.
    • Quite frankly, it disgusts me and I do not feel enough is done for elderly people.
    • I'm absolutely disgusted by the behaviour of all the people concerned in this case.
    • But there's a falsity in the reaction to the disaster that both intrigues and disgusts me.
    • It disgusts me, yet I can't seem to resist looking at it.
    • Instead of doing something about the safety of the road they're increasing the volume of traffic and that disgusts me.
    • I am disgusted that anyone gave permission for that embarrassing advertisement.
    • I was disgusted, at such a serious moment and even horrific, how could he think of money.
    • The fact that people were wringing their hands and arguing the point disgusts me.
    • The greed and the misdirected energy of this administration disgusts me.
    • There's something about their exuberant cheesiness that, quite frankly, disgusts me.
    • He says he is disgusted with the way peace protesters have been behaving.
    • When I look back it disgusts me that I was on so little money just because I was too young to qualify for the minimum wage.
    • It disgusts me that one of the best songwriters of his generation is being treated as the butt of jokes and victim of snide remarks.
    • The fact that they are keeping us in the dark for so long about whether or not we are actually going to have a hospital let alone a maternity unit disgusts me.