Translation of display in Spanish:


exponer, v.

Pronunciation: /dəˈspleɪ//dɪˈspleɪ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (put on show)
    (exhibit) exponer
    Computing (data/figures) visualizar
    the shopkeeper displayed his wares el tendero colocó los artículos en el escaparate (/ la estantería etc. )
    • his work is displayed in the museum sus obras están expuestas en el museo
    • the results will be displayed on the bulletin board los resultados aparecerán en el tablón de anuncios
    • The rest of the screen displayed the highest magnification image of the city we could get.
    • Those images were captured by computer chips and displayed using thin computer screens.
    • More importantly, the author discusses how an image can be saved into a file rather than being displayed on screen.
    • Data from the controllers - including alerts of problems - are displayed on workstations and computers using Web browsers.
    • His collections are prominently displayed at the Lalit Kala Akademi and at the National Gallery of Modern Art.
    • Alone at his desk, the detective glances up at the black login screen displayed on the computer monitor.
    • Adrian's eyes were glued to the screen while it displayed images of the boy being placed into an ambulance with a respirator over his mouth and blood pouring from his upper chest and sides.
    • The cameras were displayed in the chronological order of technological evolution.
    • In one a pair of manacles is prominently displayed.
    • Just about every pub displays a sign or notice advising women to keep an eye on their drinks.
    • Choosing the image displays the photo in fullscreen, scaled to fit on your TV.
    • Erica looked at the screen which twinkled and displayed the image of the Chancellor on the background of his cabinet in the Palace.
    • Large, brightly-coloured signs warning against bathing in the reservoir and expressly the dangers of cold water are prominently displayed there.
    • These tickets are often chosen by passengers for their journey into town because they are prominently displayed on ticket machines.
    • Stern messages from her about smoking and other unacceptable behaviour are prominently displayed on the noticeboard.
    • Canadians scrambled to display US flags in order to express their sympathy.
    • Isn't Marx making a deliberately exaggerated statement of his own position in order to display its novelty?
    • The chocolates were prominently displayed, so of course I bought some before I left, despite my initial intention only to have a coffee.
    • But, when the image is displayed on a wide screen set, the bars are lost and the bottoms of the subtitle text can be slightly cut off.
    • It was used to control the images being displayed on the screen.
    • Once on the storage server, a photograph can be displayed on any TV screen or monitor in the house via a simple video client.
    • The computer displayed the icon of folders on the screen.
    • As the video card displays one image, the opposing eye is blocked by the shutter.
    • Just to remind everyone who is in charge, every notice displays the name of the Residents' Association at the top.
    • The stored data were displayed on a computer screen to check quality of the recordings.
    • As I was waiting to pick up a prescription at my local Walgreen's I noticed the book prominently displayed by the prescription drug counter.
    • It is not limited to dedicated handheld devices but can be displayed on any computer screen.
    • The name drawn out will be the lucky owner of the ornament for the following year and must display it in a prominent position in their house.
    • And they maintain that their search results are still displayed in order of relevance.
    • True enough, it was Cravis' image being displayed on the screen.
    • Chopin's Preludes return independence to the hands in order to display a new kind of allusive dialogue between them.
    • The previous photographic picture image is photographed immediately prior and is displayed on the screen.
    • The red and yellow Catalan flag was displayed prominently around the stadium while the full range of Catalan anthems washed down from the stands throughout the game.
    • Everytime that slender line went around the screen, it displayed the same image.
    • And in the wake of the heat wave, it prominently displays a notice announcing that the shop is air conditioned!
    • Like pieces of art in a little glass gallery, an array of spices is prominently displayed in a showcase that flanks the foyer, providing a savoury glimpse into the tastes that will find their way into your meal.
    • By controlling where and when that field is applied, the screen can display an image.
    • The introduction of an EU country of origin regulation would require the name and address of the beef producer or packager being prominently displayed.
    • If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel you can change the size of fonts and images displayed on your monitor screen with a single click.
    • At least at train stations, the name of the station is prominently displayed, but buses just stop along streets and I've got no idea where I am.
  • 2

    (erudition/finery) hacer despliegue de
    (erudition/finery) hacer gala de
    (muscles) lucir
    (muscles) hacer alarde de
    the peacock displayed its feathers el pavo real desplegó la cola
    • This is a good chance for players to display their skills.
    • Elegiac and archly insightful, the quality of the writing displays a striking talent, and one that stays in the memory long after the varied merits of the performances fade.
    • In surviving the cut, an otherwise anguished Woods displayed admirable qualities of courage and resolve.
    • The Players' Choice Award is presented to the one player who displays athletic skill, tenacity and desire while playing with a sportsmanlike attitude.
    • It is about those players displaying the skill and commitment to come up with a winning strategy, for the sake of the greater good.
    • In any event, it would definitely not be nice to publish letters in order to display the ignorance of their writers.
    • Once the openers departed the Lankan middle order displayed the brittle nature of their batting to carve into some intelligent and accurate Indian bowling.
    • However, the scores do not fairly reflect the high standard of skill and courage displayed by the women of all three services in this burgeoning competition.
    • The Captain displays an uncanny ability to sweat and smoulder simultaneously, and boasts a command of German that goes above and beyond the conversational.
    • When he let his genuinely winning smile come through in that interchange with Ifill over her forgetting the order, he displayed a charm that could be used devastatingly to his advantage.
    • Individual players are encouraged to display their skills by the whistling and ululation of the spectators.
    • The fans want to see Fittler, Lockyer and the 32 other players display their undoubted skills.
    • Of course some rule changes over the years have taken away the ability of players to display the skill of fielding.
    • Kumble displayed endurance, skill and enthusiasm in equal measure to pick up seven wickets on a day where he had to bowl 35.3 overs in torrid conditions.
    • Gene readily responds without displaying any sign of disagreement or bewilderment that he will lead the snow statues committee.
    • The centre of Rome had sported a giant map of Greece in order to display the military's triumphs to all Italian citizens.
    • By marching together, carrying banners and chanting slogans, thousands of students peacefully displayed their anger and emotion against the war that had started.
    • It will be good for the game to see a talented player like Mattie Forde display his skills in Croke Park before a large crowd.
    • Fans have grown frustrated that a player who displayed such talent at Leeds just two years ago is almost unrecognisable now.
    • Chen revealed that the two paintings were created in the heyday of the two masters, fully displaying their talent and skill.
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    Printing Journalism
    (headlines/captions) hacer resaltar
  • 4

    (anger/interest) demostrar
    (interest/anger) manifestar
    (feelings) exteriorizar
    (feelings) demostrar
    (tendencies/symptoms) presentar
    (courage/tact/skill) demostrar
    (tact/courage/skill) dar prueba de


  • 1

    (exhibition) exposición feminine
    (exhibition) muestra feminine
    (show) show masculine
    to be on display estar expuesto
    • to put sth on display exponer algo
  • 2

    a display of flowers un arreglo floral
    • a display of books una exposición de libros
    • display stand expositor
    • display window vidriera
  • 3

    (of feeling) exteriorización feminine
    (of feeling) demostración feminine
    (of courage, strength, knowledge) despliegue masculine
    (of ignorance) demostración feminine
    she gave a competent display of horsemanship demostró que era una competente amazona
    • he made (a) great display of his experience in those matters hizo gran alarde de su experiencia en ese campo
    • there's no need to make such a display of your affection! ¡no hace falta que seas tan efusivo!
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    Computing Electronics
    display masculine
    visualizador masculine
    (screen/panel) (before noun) de visualización (de datos)
    digital/analog display visualizador digital/analógico
  • 5

    Printing Journalism
    display advertising (masculine plural) anuncios destacados