Translation of disposal in Spanish:


Pronunciation /dəˈspoʊzəl//dɪˈspəʊz(ə)l/


  • 1

    • 1.1(removal, riddance)

      the problem of the disposal of this kind of waste el problema de cómo deshacerse de / de qué hacer con este tipo de residuos
      • arrangements were made for the disposal of the body se hicieron arreglos para que el cadáver fuera inhumado (or trasladado al crematorio etc.)

    • 1.2Finance

      enajenación feminine
      • I did not hear the moderator ask both aspirants to detail the rationale for future asset management / disposal strategies.
      • There is no Capital Gains Tax on any future disposal of the property.
      • That is not the distribution of property or disposal of property about which the delegate of the Commissioner formed his opinion.
      • They will seemingly pay for disposal based on market share.
      • Income from rentals will be pooled, limiting loss exposure on any individual property and future disposal of property is also protected against capital gains tax.
      • Internationally, Finnegan believes corporations are likely to re-evaluate their plans for property asset disposals in light of current economic conditions.
      • All this means that there could be several people involved in decisions about the management and disposal of the property, who may each have different views about what ought to be done with it.
      • So that part of what occurred, namely the devaluation of those shares and their subsequent disposal, could operate as a scheme.
      • The first phase - focused on rationalisation and asset disposal - has been successfully completed and management deserves credit for this.
      • The markets are awaiting further news from the company on its asset disposal programme, designed to raise €1.5 billion by the end of next year.
      • The disposal of the shares in the company will trigger a charge to CGT (capital gains tax).
      • He said there was a ‘good level of progress’ on the asset disposal programme, but that much remained to be done.
      • A large share disposal might send out a bad signal, so watch out also for persistent small disposals.
      • Pundits say that the timing of the National Stabilization Fund share disposal is the key to halting further losses.
      • The Ministry of Proprietary Relations of the Russian Federation is the federal executive body responsible for management and disposal of the state property.
      • Stamp duty on disposal of shares is lower than stamp duty on transfer of property.
      • Someone who is resident but not domiciled in Ireland at the date of disposal of shares acquired on the exercise of an option may be liable to capital gains tax.
      • The SecureDelete feature will permanently erase data on any disk, which helps prepare machines for sale, donation or disposal.
      • "The group will continue to implement its orderly disposal of assets to help provide working capital for the group's operation, " it said.
      • The Defence Act defines these items as Commonwealth property and their disposal by private sale is forbidden.

    • 1.3(of bomb)

      desactivación feminine
      • Bradford Council has also issued a warning to business and residents, urging them to beware of conmen who are charging for waste disposal and then dumping it illegally.
      • Such a demonstration is essential to establishing informed public perceptions about the safety of nuclear waste disposal as an industrial process.
      • The assay does not use radiolabelled probes and hence the problem of disposal of radioactive material does not arise.
      • Processing and disposal of hemp products would produce no industrial toxins, and certainly no dioxins.
      • The Stockholm Conference in 1972 had called for a registry of emissions of radioactivity and international co-operation on radioactive waste disposal and reprocessing.
      • The only way that nuclear power can be economically viable is if the taxpayer is burdened with the huge costs of radioactive waste disposal and decommissioning.
      • In fact, the project launched in 2001, had prevailed upon the Tourism Department to shelve proposals to install incinerators for waste disposal in the tourist hot spot.
      • The committee will also be in charge of law enforcement on the island and tasked to correct the chronic problems of poor waste disposal and sea pollution.
      • As plastic objects manufactured and distributed by the millions, rock and roll CDs and their containers are implicated in the process of waste disposal.
      • It prohibits military activity, nuclear tests, and radioactive waste disposal.
      • The expansion may boost an industry that stagnated in North America and Western Europe because of concern about safety and disposal of radioactive waste.
      • The roots hold that soil through transport and processing, causing costly disposal problems.
      • The Act provides language for states to create regional compacts for the purpose of low-level radioactive waste disposal.
      • It is therefore important to ensure that surface waters systems are not used for processing effluent disposal.
      • Congress did pass legislation regarding control of radioactive waste disposal.
      • Mr Atkinson said rules had changed regarding disposal of waste so the firm could no longer burn scrap wood on site, which would in turn fuel the building and furnaces.
      • Now the radioactive waste disposal for each site will be regulated through one organisation.
      • Charging for waste disposal was one idea he threw out before hastily saying that that was not Tory policy.
      • These are all relevant when considering whether its disposal should be consented to.
      • The disposal process varies depending on the situation.

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    (of troops)
    despliegue masculine
    • Brady has made detailed arrangements for his funeral and the disposal of letters sent to him by Hindley.
    • A player who is infringed upon, immediately following the disposal of the ball, may have a fellow team-mate take the free kick from the spot where the ball landed after being disposed of.
    • What determines the disposal of energy in the products of electronically inelastic collisions?
    • I have an open mind as to whether a hospital order is the right disposal in the end.
    • Andersen said Duncan called an urgent meeting to organize the quick disposal of Enron-related documents.
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    (power to use)
    disposición feminine