Translation of disservice in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌdɪ(s)ˈsərvəs//dɪ(s)ˈsəːvɪs/



  • 1

    to do sb a disservice
    • this report does him a disservice este informe no le hace justicia
    • my parents did me a great disservice by educating me at home mis padres no me hicieron ningún favor educándome en casa
    • these strident advocates do their cause a disservice estos partidarios fanáticos perjudican la causa por la que luchan
    • An educational system that does not teach economically viable skills is a disservice to the nation.
    • Appeasement does not work and those who endorse it are doing an enormous disservice to their people.
    • It's not a funny site and acts as a disservice to our community.
    • To act as such would be a disservice to the diverse student body as whole, and contrary to my elected mandate.
    • We Americans do ourselves a disservice if we think we can work miracles overnight.
    • But I would be doing the author a great disservice if I gave any impression that this is a political tract.
    • Yur story is a disservice to the public and seems quite out of character with normal Register content.
    • We both have our lives to live, and being airlifted out of the central field does a disservice to both of us.
    • Slater actually does viewers a disservice by being less than embarrassing here.
    • Pete Cami gives a disturbing account of youth crime but your headline does a disservice to the efforts of the police.
    • It is a disservice to students and to themselves to be restricting the flow of information to students.
    • While it may seem equitable to accommodate everybody's needs, this often ends up doing users a disservice.
    • Okay, I do agree that by not complaining I'm doing a disservice to all consumers.
    • Here was a chance to look candidly at the way multi-culturalism in Bradford has done a disservice to race relations.
    • What's more, they are a disservice to the anti-war movement and the left, which will decisively reject them.
    • This was a fine privilege for its editors and a confusing disservice to your readership.
    • At one point I tried it as under score, but it felt like a disservice to the song.
    • What's more, it's a disservice to the values held by the party's members to limit itself that way.
    • By ignoring these issues in their reviews, critics are doing a great disservice to their readers.
    • The article does a real disservice to those children who do have learning differences.