Translation of dissident in Spanish:


disidente, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈdɪsədənt//ˈdɪsɪd(ə)nt/


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    (masculine and feminine) disidente
    • Apparently the dispute in the dissidents ' camp is unresolved to this day.
    • Even Chinese democracy activists and dissidents take the borders of China as an indivisible given.
    • The refugees are trapped between Guinean government forces and those of rebel Guinean dissidents.
    • The dissidents are by no means all pacifists, much less opponents of a resurgence of British imperialism.
    • In reality a number of prominent anti-Nazi dissidents and artists did take their own lives while in exile.
    • They located or procured party dissidents and sensationalised their grievances.
    • He set up a legal practice in the same year, defending dissidents against the Salazar dictatorship.
    • Each group's militias have arrested human rights activists, newspaper editors and other dissidents.
    • Rawa was responsible for showing the world the summary execution of dissidents in Afghanistan.
    • The regime routinely jails dissidents, has tortured them, and bans all opposition.
    • Only in the metropolis can gays, Jews, women, dissidents, democrats and oddballs feel safe.
    • Ultimately the Republic becomes the Empire and dissidents are forced to launch an armed insurgency.
    • Political dissidents have long warned of the dangers if such a strategy is not implemented.
    • What if the six women turned out to be persecuted human rights dissidents?
    • It knew of plans to carry out killings of exiled political dissidents and, at the very least, did nothing to stop them.
    • Expulsion is very rarely used if the number of likely dissidents is large, because it may then be counter-productive.
    • These provisions can easily be used to target political opponents and dissidents.
    • Is he hurt when IRA and republican dissidents accuse him of being a traitor?
    • This did not stop some Labour dissidents from declaring themselves satisfied.
    • Is this where he meets Cuban dissidents and shares his ideas about guerrilla warfare?


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