Translation of dissolution in Spanish:


disolución, n.

Pronunciation /dɪsəˈluːʃ(ə)n//ˌdɪsəˈluʃ(ə)n/


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      (of meeting, alliance, parliament) disolución feminine
      (of empire) desintegración feminine
      • The city suffered economically from the dissolutions at the Reformation, but revived modestly through silk-weaving introduced by Walloon refugees, and later as a social centre for gentry and clergy.
      • Once upon a time Monarchs regularly refused dissolutions as they tried to cobble together the best available Government from the volatile politics of the time.
      • Henry VIII's pursuit of marriage dissolutions ended with rather more permanent and momentous arrangements than such modern-day quests: England rejected Rome, and wives literally lost their heads.
      • The number had declined to 3,466 farmer cooperatives by 1999 due to dissolutions, mergers, consolidations and acquisitions.
      • Further military credits were now refused, and angry dissolutions and new elections ordered by the government in December 1861 and May 1862 only served to reinforce the opposition.
      • The Family Law Act of 1970 eliminated fault in California divorces, and it also eliminated many of the private investigators that had made careers out of finding ‘fault’ in marital dissolutions.
      • While the dissolution of aristocratic corporate bodies may be a cost to society, in that bulwarks against despotism are eroded, Tocqueville believes that on balance the individual gains.
      • The number of cooperatives dropped to 3,229, down from 3,346 in 2000, a result of mergers, consolidations, acquisitions and dissolutions.
      • She cites a number of them - partnership dissolutions, divorce custody, disputes over family businesses and inheritances, supplier-client relationship breakdowns, and even feuding neighbours.
      • The fight for the dissolution of repressive bodies and the release of political prisoners was forever linked with the demand for recognition of Basque sovereignty.
      • There were double dissolutions in 1914, 1951, 1974, 1975, 1983, and 1987, with only one joint sitting following the 1974 election.
      • The data used in our study permit identification of business dissolutions or closures, but contain no information pertaining to the reason for a business' dissolution.
      • By 1825, through a series of foundings, dissolutions, and amalgamations, there were two significant conspiratorial societies, the Southern and the Northern.
      • German business dissolutions, in which solvent companies simply shut down, soared 9% in the first half of 2005.
      • In the majority of cases, however, I was unable to establish formal dissolutions.
      • This is evident in the number of double dissolutions - though the futility of these has meant that after having had four between 1974 and 1987, there have not been any since.
      • Similar levies made in the aftermath of the controversial dissolutions of 1614 and 1622 produced lay contributions of £53,123 and £72,740 respectively, despite some vehement objections.
      • The dissolution of the Communist secret police, then, was realized on the basis of old Communist laws.
      • It's been lost, of course, in all the wanderings and dissolutions, which is sad.
      • The opposition Congress Party won only 51 seats, two less than in 1998 and 12 less than its numbers prior to the assembly's dissolution in July.

    • 1.2Chemistry

      disolución feminine
      • High porosites are also found in some limestones and other carbonate rocks in which pores created by depositional processes or fracturing have been enlarged by dissolution of carbonate minerals.
      • It is postulated that the lowered pH microenvironment in the guts of organisms may accelerate mineral dissolution and precipitation processes during ingestion.
      • The formation of a solution of the salt in the water by this process is called dissolution.
      • The dissolution of calcium carbonate provides only temporary storage of carbon dioxide.
      • For example, there may have been some as-yet-unknown condition that made the rates of dissolution of calcium carbonate shells in glacial ages and now different.

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    disolución feminine
    • What could be done to increase the appeal of reading and to decrease the appeal of drink and dissolution?
    • Luxury and lavish living were seen as the causes, moral decay and dissolution as the consequences.
    • I suspect this match will not be the best advertisement for it - the pitch is the kind that'll drive the bowlers to drink and dissolution.