Translation of distillation in Spanish:


destilación, n.

Pronunciation /ˌdɪstɪˈleɪʃn//ˌdɪstəˈleɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(process)

      destilación feminine
      • Unlike electric distillation, boiling is not required for solar distillation.
      • Remarkable for the time, the production process in the new distillery was state of the art in terms of continuous distillation.
      • Treatment of bottled water by distillation or reverse osmosis ensures oocyst removal.
      • The apparatus used in a laboratory is known as a distillation train.
      • However, in broad terms, petroleum can be divided into six fractions obtained from fractional distillation of the crude oil.
      • One of the most important applications of vapor pressure is the purification of liquids by distillation.
      • Distillation is an ancient technique known to many cultures.
      • We also purify the glycerol by vacuum distillation.
      • There are several ways of obtaining the oil, the most common being steam distillation.
      • Briefly stated, a hydrosol is the water that remains after producing an essential oil via steam or water distillation.
      • One can utilize lavender fresh, dried or by the oil, which is commercially extracted by steam distillation.
      • For essential oil extraction, the seed is ground immediately before distillation to increase oil yield and minimize distillation time.
      • Essential oils are usually extracted by steam distillation.
      • DHA contains highly concentrated omega-3 fatty acids from ultra purified, concentrated by molecular distillation.
      • A number of desalination methods are available, but the most popular are distillation and reverse osmosis.
      • This event encourages great distillation of essential oils.
      • Although distillation may be an effective water treatment, the water heating will add to your energy use.
      • Distillation of the wine is carried out in proper copper pot stills, the sort used for cognac.
      • For those who want to produce their own pure drinking water, passive-solar distillation is an inexpensive, low-tech option.
      • Oxygen is produced commercially by the fractional distillation of liquid air.

    • 1.2(product)

      destilado masculine

  • 2

    (of facts, experiences)
    síntesis feminine
    • Identification involves the distillation of social values into a set of personal values.
    • In an information age, where time is of the essence, perhaps Poetry, the very distillation of life itself, has come into its own.
    • This talk is a distillation of those visits.
    • It is a compact distillation of a substantial amount of research.
    • Distinct from the European surrealist writers, who were concerned with distillation of dreams, Neruda harnessed the natural world.
    • This was an outgrowth or distillation of the same kind of thing that has been going on since the Enlightenment.
    • In a sense art represents the distillation of what is best in a particular culture.
    • And Parisians are the distillation of everything French.
    • How does one engage in this process of distillation or characterisation that you say must be undertaken?
    • Noam Chomsky does not cajole the listener; he presents his arguments - a distillation of copious reading - with disarming candor.
    • This process of distillation allows us to impose order upon chaos and to justify the indefensible.
    • Some months ago, I thought the Hot Wheels Shark Playset was an especially effective distillation of the id of young boys.
    • The yield obtained through distillation reaches 2 % or at least it takes 50 kg of raw material to produce a liter of oil.
    • Furthermore, the plan is more or less a distillation of a number of ideas down to a muddy nothing.
    • A verse play was to be the distillation of this journey.
    • Moreover, the book reads like a magical distillation of 19 th-century novels.
    • In its simplest distillation, the strategy driving this American-led war is straightforward.
    • Historically, B movies have existed as simplistic, inexpensive distillations of Hollywood's big-budget genre fare.
    • Her poetry is a superb distillation of the black idiom, capturing tones from the exquisitely humorous to the hauntingly poignant.
    • It is an arduous journey of spiritual sublimation and distillation to even get to the point where the Oath is even an option.