Translation of distinction in Spanish:


distinción, n.

Pronunciation /dɪˈstɪŋ(k)ʃ(ə)n//dəˈstɪŋ(k)ʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(difference)

      distinción feminine
      you shouldn't make a distinction between them no deberías hacer distinciones entre ellos
      • we must make / draw a distinction between … debemos distinguir entre …
      • There is an important conceptual distinction between the evolutionary response to natural selection and phenotypic selection.
      • He found that even tiny status distinctions matter.
      • I'm here to remind you that these are arbitrary distinctions.
      • And the same people are led to believe Muslims have no caste distinction.
      • The most noticeable distinction (apart from various details of the skeleton) are the more forward position of the eyes.
      • The dominant colonial obsession with race and racial distinctions of all kinds sometimes fed into the ideas of the dominated.
      • In most parts of the North India, however, no such sharp distinction exists.
      • The United States recently earned the dubious distinction of having the highest incarceration rate in the world.
      • She also points out that a critical moral distinction in play here is between intended and unintended killing.
      • The poetic voice progressively splinters into cacophony, in which the gender distinctions progressively collapse.
      • Many of the proposed fine distinctions seem relatively unimportant in routine neurological practice.
      • In this debate, crucial distinctions are too often blurred.
      • Unfortunately, those concepts elide some important distinctions.
      • But a critical distinction needs to be drawn between physical and mental fatigue.
      • Maintaining a clear distinction between conjecture and certainty is especially important in such a conceptually difficult subject.
      • They seek to construct parochial and arbitrary distinctions between the civic and the human community.
      • Additional educational efforts to increase participants' abilities to recognize subtle distinctions between these 2 tumors may be of benefit.
      • Here I will generally use the term trademark and ignore the subtle distinctions of service marks and trade names.
      • Also, a fairly sharp distinction is drawn between theory and research.
      • There is a subtle academic distinction between decisions under Risk and decisions under Uncertainty.

    • 1.2(act of differentiating)

      distinción feminine
      without distinction of race or creed sin distinción de raza o credo
      • Though she was clearly talented, Locke lacked distinction.
      • So long as we agree about the marking, it is of no great consequence where we draw the line between pass and failure, or between the different levels of distinction.
      • As the man assembles without distinction samples from different areas, each track feeds on combined atmospheres.
      • For these critics, public indifference was a mark of distinction, a sign of the artist's refusal to pander to the degraded tastes of the crowd.
      • Another sign of distinction is the ability to see familiar things differently.
      • However, what the majority of developments lacked was a sense of character and distinction.
      • Why draw arbitrary lines of distinction and value in different spheres of work?
      • Give the beer a rest for one night and enjoy a beverage with character and distinction.
      • Distance and distinction mark ethnic relations within the country.
      • These characteristics demonstrate considerable variation, and distinction among the three varieties in the field is difficult.

  • 2

    • 2.1(merit, excellence)

      a writer of distinction un distinguido / destacado escritor
      • a novel of distinction una destacada novela
      • a car/watch of distinction un coche/reloj de categoría
      • he served with distinction se distinguió en el servicio

    • 2.2(distinguished appearance)

      distinción feminine
      he has an air of distinction tiene un aire distinguido / de distinción
      • Today Châteauneuf remains in good standing, crafting some excellent wines of real distinction and merit.
      • Several played with distinction at the recent Under-19 World Cup in New Zealand, where Taibu was I believe player of the tournament.
      • They seemed to fade into the background, as you would expect from a servant, and didn't seem to crave power or distinction.
      • He carried out a Funeral Directing Business, with panache and distinction.
      • Dharma Kumar was born in March 1928 into a family of unusual distinction and character.
      • They act as a showcase for the farming sector and they have fulfilled that role with flair and distinction for many years.
      • He has served the All India Radio for several years with distinction.
      • The Supreme Court, in other words, has seldom been a showcase of intellectual distinction.
      • They lend European cinema artistic distinction but not industrial security.
      • Ironically the multifarious Man Ray yearned for greatness as a painter - posterity has not accorded him this distinction.
      • Of course I would, because I think he's very capable and could serve with great distinction in a number of different positions.
      • In 1877 artistic ambition led Munger to England to search for new styles and international artistic distinction.
      • The recent Golden Globe winner again shows her gift for giving distinction to characters who seem born to be pitied or dismissed.
      • She was a woman of great distinction who left behind a large body of excellent work.
      • A poet's distinction lies in their ability to get to a deep level of insight very quickly.
      • The Moscow-trained and London-based violinist Grigory Zhislin is an artist of distinction and imagination.
      • He had as his teacher a scholar of more than usual ability and distinction.
      • The parents of our country need to give more of character and distinction to the lives of their children.
      • But that doesn't deduct from the artistry and distinction that beams from the rest of the film.
      • Many historians have entered politics, several attaining positions of distinction.

    • 2.3(mark of recognition)

      honor masculine
      distinción feminine
      she has won distinction in the field of genetics se ha distinguido en el campo de la genética
      • She also holds a master's degree, with distinction, in operations research from the Naval Postgraduate School.
      • Should we now admit who we are and have our merits and distinctions and even honours awards taken away?
      • After working hard he was awarded a distinction in surgery and was duly offered the job.
      • After obtaining her honours and master's degrees with distinction, she went to study at the University of Pretoria where she completed a PhD.
      • He was awarded a diploma with distinction at the end of the gruelling course.
      • He'd been given a retrospective at the Louvre, the first living artist to be awarded such a distinction.
      • He was awarded the distinction last year but wanted to wait until there was a presentation ceremony at Rideau Hall.
      • At the same time, however, you've got to award them a high distinction for Politics 101 - Know Your Constituency.
      • Her performance at university was outstanding and she was awarded a distinction and received the Sir William Young Gold Medal.
      • She recently was awarded a master of music with distinction from the Royal Scottish Academy.
      • In 1989, he graduated with honours and distinctions from the Jamaica College of Arts.
      • Anne gained many prizes and distinctions at school and university.
      • As a junior fellow at the RNCM, he won the first ever distinction awarded for conducting in May 1999.
      • She earned the Chair's Scholar distinction, an award offered to one student in the entire physics and astronomy graduating class.
      • He was awarded the final school certificate with a distinction in 1849.
      • His direction of the film shot him to new prominence, and the dual distinction of awards at Cannes and the Sundance Film Festival.
      • This was the first year the school had the Leaving Cert Applied option and many pupils were awarded merits and distinctions.
      • She was awarded two distinctions, one for Pianoforte Playing and one for getting 100% in Theory and Harmony.
      • He was awarded with three distinctions for his City and Guilds Photography on selected themes and we wish him all the best for the future.
      • His bright intellect shone through and he completed his Leaving Certificate with distinction.

    • 2.4British School University

      mención especial feminine
      • Out of the 30 candidates up for grading 26 achieved a distinction pass which is over 85 per cent.
      • Our other two applicants for higher grade distinctions were not so lucky on this attempt, but better luck next time lads.
      • Her music went from strength to strength and she achieved Grade 8 distinctions in both singing and piano.
      • A talented flautist has been awarded a distinction in a Grade 8 music exam, aged just 11.
      • He said that Jim had been awarded a distinction for Grade 5 Drum Kit (Rock-school) gaining 89 per cent.
      • Roweena and Hannah both achieved distinction grades.
      • University admissions requirements will vary from institution to institution, but are likely to expect either a merit or a distinction grade.
      • A few years later, Dr Mayosi was the top matriculant in the Transkei, gaining distinctions in 4 subjects.
      • Ms Samreen, a student of Hakim Ajmal Khan Girl's Senior Secondary School, passed her secondary examination with distinction.
      • In addition to her A-levels, Becky also took an extension examination in Latin, which was awarded a distinction.
      • She graduated with a National Certificate in Business Studies, having achieved first place in her class and a distinction in her final examinations.
      • She received a distinction and merit in the exams and was presented with a certificate by college principal Dr Tom Johnson.
      • Hardy showed precocity with arithmetic and passed examinations with distinction in mathematics and Latin at Cranleigh School.
      • The government is also dropping plans for distinction grades at A-level.
      • At the time, he became the only student in Britain to gain three distinctions in the first year of his professional exams.