Translation of distinctly in Spanish:


con claridad, adv.

Pronunciation /dəsˈtɪŋktli//dɪˈstɪŋ(k)tli/


  • 1

    (speak/enunciate) con claridad
    • The vampire's eyes take on a distinctly insectoid appearance, bulging and segmented.
    • His words were spoken quietly and distinctly, but they shook me like thunder.
    • We can also see distinctly where many of the smaller tributaries unite with it.
    • You will notice that the HTML document is split distinctly into two parts, the head and the body.
    • I remember quite distinctly the moment that the radical intelligentsia fell out of love with nationalism.
    • The voice spoke firmly and distinctly and it belonged to one of the most wanted men in the world.
    • These are patterns I interpret as distinctly negative in nature and in probable outcome.
    • Each type of plane is also distinctly colored so that the bombers are all bright yellow.
    • Elizabeth had distinctly felt this young woman's gentle touch.
    • A terrific naturalizer, its leaves are distinctly blue-green to beautifully set-off the flowers.
    • No one art unites strong sensuous and intellectual impressions more distinctly than architecture.
    • Desiree clomped distinctly up the stairs, like a proud pony.
    • They range in colour from honey orange to smoky blue and are distinctly spotted on the back and belly.
    • Uzbek army personnel say the atmosphere on the base has changed distinctly in the last week or so.
    • Balbir's food is prepared with evident care and has a distinctly homemade quality.
    • Believe me, the pain is greater when you distinctly remember such things.
  • 2

    (hear) perfectamente
    (hear) claramente
    I distinctly remember telling you me acuerdo perfectamente / muy bien de que te lo dije
  • 3

    she was distinctly upset estaba claro que se había disgustado
    • that was distinctly rude of him fue una verdadera grosería de su parte
    • he sounded distinctly Scottish tenía un inconfundible acento escocés