Translation of distract in Spanish:


distraer, v.

Pronunciation /dəˈstrækt//dɪˈstrakt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (person) distraer
    his attention was constantly being distracted by the noise el ruido lo distraía continuamente
    • they began shouting to distract the attention of the guards empezaron a gritar para distraer a los guardias / para distraer la atención de los guardias
    • to distract sb from sth distraer a algn de algo
    • don't distract him from his work no lo distraigas de su trabajo
    • I did notice a small amount of softness in one scene, though it won't be distracting to the viewing.
    • The people, however, provided enough colour in the way they dressed to distract my attention from the rundown streets.
    • Reverting back to a glossary distracts a reader from concentrating on the science in an article.
    • A small amount of softness permeates the image, though overall it's never overly distracting to the viewing.
    • The use of fashions in thought is to distract the attention of men from their real dangers.
    • Striking the martyr pose is good public relations because it distracts attention from the real issues.
    • He's only trying to distract attention from all his problems at home.
    • I don't know if we've got enough bananas to distract him.
    • There is always a danger that new hi-tech systems will distract attention and divert energies from effective policing.
    • In truth, the emphasis on individual feelings distracts people from thinking about and caring for their communities.
    • Now I'm rambling, but these thoughts distract me from concentrating on my work and I must let them out.
    • Sometimes all you can do is distract yourself until it passes.
    • However, Coleman's limited critique should not distract readers from recognizing the broader legal landscape depicted in the article.
    • So, are you so over-committed because you're distracting yourself from the absurdity and meaninglessness of life?
    • "It distracts from the real issues facing our community, " he says.
    • The day, or the week, is spent distracting myself.
    • Remember, Gilligan made possible Alastair Campbell's diversionary tactic that distracted attention from the argument about the need for war.
    • Women have reason to be relieved that Parliament's attention was distracted.
    • For the most part the colors and image are solid, with little to distract the viewer.
    • As traffic safety managers see it, the use of a cellphone distracts the attention of the driver from the main task of driving.
    • So anyway, I distracted myself until I decided that the distraction could be a school in and of itself.
    • The kind of event meant to distract from a glaring budget fact.
    • The videos apparently distract the viewer's attention from the song to the meaningless portrayal of carnal desires.
    • I have to admit, while a nice attempt, it is a bit distracting at times.
    • Milling over the thought too much would distract my attention so I averted myself back to the problem at hand.
    • It distracted him enough to prevent a quick victory, but not enough to let Jeremy win.
    • They walked in silence into the woods, and Jonathon focused most of his attention on the scenery to distract himself.
    • Traci distracted the ref and Douglas hit Daniels with a chain.
    • You may be able to prevent your child from having an outburst by distracting him or her with toys or other activities.
    • A large rumbling noise distracted their attention for a moment.
    • You are thinking incredibly wrongly and are only distracting yourself from enjoying the rest of this.
    • And there's no perfect person who's going to distract you long enough.
    • I found this while distracting myself at my friend Jas's site.
    • Some were suggesting that his interest was overblown to distract attention from the company's poor trading statement.
    • Don't let the infamous bag lady distract your attention from the real issues.
    • I was distracting myself from utter frustration with a project and surfing the blogroll.
    • The rest of the time I kept on distracting myself by looking at the trees through the big window behind her.
    • The more extraneous items you cram on a web page, the more you confuse and distract the visitor.
    • The police have even condemned certain billboard adverts for distracting drivers resulting in more crashes.
    • The latter keeps the display from distracting the driver when he should be concentrating on more important tasks.
    • And I believe this devotion to sport distracts people from their own lives, making it by definition an opiate of masses.
    • It has nearly caused three accidents already because it distracts motorists' attention.
    • For a split second utter confusion distracted me from my misery.
    • At the same time, we should not allow it to distract attention from the need for reform of the SIS's general oversight provisions.
    • Don't waste energy fruitlessly pursuing it; distract yourself with something productive, be it whittling, knitting or washing dishes.
    • The argument of menfolk in not allowing women to enter the mosque is that this will distract the attention of men.
    • The shovel fell and clattered to the floor behind the monster, whose attention was momentarily distracted.
    • The color should not distract your reader from the main points of your site.
    • They suffer from a semi-religious monomania which distracts attention from the major issues in their field.
    • There is some softness to the image that becomes a bit distracting at times.
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