Translation of diverse in Spanish:


diversos, adj.

Pronunciation /daɪˈvərs//dʌɪˈvəːs//ˈdʌɪvəːs//dəˈvərs/


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    (tastes/interests) diversos
    (interests/tastes) variados
    plant life in the area is extremely diverse la vegetación en la zona es muy variada
    • a huge and diverse country un país enorme y lleno de contrastes
    • The most diverse range of extreme nationalist groups joined together under their leadership.
    • The electorate is as diverse in its settings as it is in its peoples.
    • Communication barriers are increasingly common in healthcare today as the population becomes more culturally diverse.
    • The biotic diversity of the grasslands has historically supported a diverse assemblage of species.
    • They possess the most diverse array of something, but it's not wrestling.
    • Although many schools have become more ethnically diverse over time, they typically remain divided.
    • The topics are as diverse as the origins of the students.
    • "I prefer a more diverse range of music to listen to, " says Burridge.
    • Three sample areas are given to the above right, each of which is most diverse in a different way.
    • We provide resource persons for our students from culturally diverse backgrounds.
    • Thus, studies of asthma in racially diverse populations appear to be warranted.
    • The trek also offers diverse fauna and flora and a good opportunity to spot blue sheep.
    • Since then the department has become too diverse to be readily characterised as a school.
    • He says it will also promote the diverse Australian workforce in the global economy.
    • Both groups were predominantly single and diverse in terms of country of origin.
    • The country is ethnically diverse, indicated by its four language groups.
    • Educating a culturally and linguistically diverse student population poses new challenges to America's school systems.
    • The aim was to try to attract a more diverse range of applicants.
    • The central and western United States have a similarly diverse array of pyrrhotite occurrences.
    • An increasing number of students are from racially/ethnically diverse backgrounds.
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    (origins/elements/styles) diferentes
    (origins/elements/styles) distintos