Translation of diversion in Spanish:


desviación, n.

Pronunciation: /dəˈvərʒən//dɪˈvəːʃ(ə)n//daɪˈvərʒən//dʌɪˈvəːʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of river)

      desviación feminine
      • Continuously increasing the fiscal deficit and diversion of larger funds to consumption rather than investment hurts it more.
      • According to him, the sewage diversion plan can make a big difference.
      • A diversion is planned for users of the footpath so that it runs to the south of Marine Lake.
      • The power outage no doubt was the product of the continued diversion of resources and lack of investment in basic infrastructure.
      • Aside from the slight diversion into the life story of his brother's weird friend, it had been a relatively normal session.
      • Of course, some literal sensual diversion is nice too.
      • Dam building and river diversion have become commonplace.
      • According to the prospectus ‘the litigation could result in substantial costs and diversion of resources’.
      • Long term planning and commitment to the programme have helped to prevent diversion of resources.
      • But in the case of the big river diversion schemes this sequence took a more intelligent course.
      • With bypass procedures and biliopancreatic diversion, success is even greater.
      • In the past there have been cases of over-expenditure and diversion of some resources.
      • But he can often turn that diversion into something positive.
      • A ‘water war’ has also erupted over Castile-La Mancha's diversion of the River Tajo at Murcia's expense.

    • 1.2(of funds)

      malversación feminine
      • And finally, it acknowledges that 100 per cent diversion is impossible, since garbage will never just disappear.
      • Also, funds earmarked for aviation always risk political diversion or delay in favor of other more favored projects.
      • Similar water diversion plans by upstream non-Indian users severely degraded Walker River Reservation resources as well.
      • Province-wide and country-wide, extended producer warranty legislation is the only way to reach 100 per cent waste diversion.
      • Mel championed a recycling and composting plan that will push Toronto to the forefront of waste diversion in North America.
      • In such states, the risk of diversion of funds and of corruption is extremely high.
      • The Reserve Bank of India has detected over 1,000 cases of fund diversion by corporate bodies.
      • He foreshadowed the imposition of new taxes and the diversion of funds allocated for development work to military spending.
      • We already know their plan includes diversion of current payroll taxes, something that will weaken, not strengthen, Social Security.

    • 1.3British Transport

      desvío masculine
      desviación feminine
      • Gardai operated traffic diversions through Rathduff and Pollavaddy until the road was reopened two hours later.
      • There will be traffic diversions, contra-flow systems and some road closures during the course of the work.
      • Drivers can expect a string of temporary traffic lights and diversions in the coming months as nearly £1m of road repairs begin.
      • The road was blocked and diversions set up through Laneshawe Bridge.
      • Some side roads will also be temporarily closed with appropriate diversion routes added.
      • Residents of Netherlands Avenue were furious after their road was used as a diversion onto Huddersfield Road.
      • The road is the emergency diversion route for Ewell Road traffic.
      • Road closures and diversions will be in place from Monday as Leeds City Council starts resurfacing roads through the town centre.
      • The Woodenbridge / Aughrim Road is closed for extensive road repairs diversions are in operation.
      • There will be a number of traffic diversions in operation during the day.
      • Signed diversion routes will be used to direct traffic around the closure.
      • A signed diversion route around the inner ring road will be in operation for the duration of the work.
      • Tiny rural roads used as diversions were brought to a standstill by lorries trying to find a way around the chaos.
      • Then I got tangled in a confusion of traffic jams, roadworks, diversions and obscure road signs.
      • The council says the work will take up to two months to complete and will lead to road closures and bus diversions.
      • In this case the council had acquired a plot of land in 1955, for the purpose of constructing a road diversion.
      • Buses and other heavy vehicles will be banned for at least three days with diversions along Market Road.
      • Traffic is flowing freely over Salisbury's Skew Bridge again this week, after 16 months of queues, road closures and diversions.
      • To accommodate the works, temporary traffic diversions will be used as required.
      • Temporary measures have been put in place, including traffic lights and diversions.

  • 2

    diversión feminine
    divertimiento estratégico masculine
    you create a diversion and I'll make my escape tú los distraes mientras yo me escapo
  • 3formal

    diversión feminine
    entretenimiento masculine