Translation of diverticular in Spanish:


diverticular, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌdʌɪvəˈtɪkjʊlə//ˌdaɪvərˈtɪkjələr/


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    (abscess/disease) diverticular
    • In addition, no diverticular orifices were identified.
    • In the first part of the study, patients with diverticular hemorrhage were treated medically, including transfusions as required.
    • This procedure consists of dividing the septum between the cervical esophagus and the diverticular pouch.
    • The inflammatory infiltrate raised the possibility of an infectious granulomatous disease or a conventional diverticular abscess.
    • The cause is believed to be related to chronic irritation of the diverticular wall as a result of prolonged food retention.