Translation of divvy in Spanish:


tajada, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdɪvi//ˈdɪvi/


  • 1US

    tajada feminine informal
    parte feminine
    • The Co-op said the new divi would draw in the current loyalty card system and pay members twice yearly out of the group's profits.
    • Investing through an individual savings account ensures that any profits and divis you earn will be tax-free.
    • The majority of our long-term return comes from reinvesting divvies and if we don't, our investments will grow far more slowly than we imagine.
    • On the subject of portfolio divvies, isn't it about time they cast a patronising glance towards one of the least favoured counties in the land?
    • When she died it was only natural that the Co-op would arrange the funeral, although I don't think we got any of her divi back.
    • Getting shot of this grocery chain is a sensible strategic decision, especially as the proceeds will help support the all-important divi.
    • The high divis might reflect good cash flows and management confidence about the future.
    • The new store will also see the introduction of the famous Co-op divi, through which customers can earn cash back on all their shopping.
    • Loyalty cards, just like the old Green Shield stamps and the co-op divi are understandable but why, oh why, are these stores issuing credit and debit cards?
    • I got a full seven-day divi on her, and have day traded since then.
  • 2British

    dividendo masculine

transitive verb


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