Translation of do with in Spanish:

do with

phrasal verb

  • 1

    (benefit from)
    that door could do with a coat of paint no le vendría mal una mano de pintura a esa puerta
    • you could do with a change te hace falta / te vendría bien un cambio
  • 2

    (expressing connection)
    to have/be sth to do with sth/sb
    • I don't want to have anything to do with this business yo no quiero tener nada que ver con este asunto
    • she wants to see you, it's something to do with tomorrow's meeting quiere hablar contigo, se trata de algo relacionado con la reunión de mañana
    • anything to do with trains interests him le interesa todo lo que tenga que ver / esté relacionado con trenes
    • what has that got to do with it? ¿y eso qué tiene que ver?
    • what's that (got) to do with you? ¿a ti qué te importa?
    • it's to do with your son se trata de su hijo
    • it's nothing to do with you! no es nada que te concierna / que te importe a ti
    • if it were anything to do with me I'd … si fuera por mí, yo …
    • I've had nothing to do with my family for years hace años que no tengo ningún contacto con mi familia