Translation of dodder in Spanish:


andar tambaleándose, v.

Pronunciation /ˈdɒdə//ˈdɑdər/

intransitive verb


  • 1

    andar tambaleándose
    andar con paso inseguro
    • A character who is presumably either her doddering old grandmother or mother-in-law comes out with some cups of tea.
    • She took note of the open plan bars and restaurants, the oppressive fluorescent lights and the doddering passengers wandering aimlessly trying to kill time.
    • A passing, elderly couple gave us a concerned glance as they doddered past.
    • The town treats its older hotels like a doddering uncle who needs to be put away.
    • Am I mistaken in thinking you still want to stand around talking like a doddering fool?
    • He is famous for doddering around with a camera crew in tow, picking up strange slithery beasts that look like they might bite him and poking sticks at them.
    • We watch him dodder and disintegrate, and we sympathize.
    • The Levi's name has grown into doddering old age in a brutally competitive apparel market.
    • The old gardener made an incoherent sound, dropped the basket and fled, doddering on those peculiar Rris ankle joints.
    • They come on Uncle Junior's recommendation, but they prove to be doddering old fools with bad or no eyesight.
    • You're not really working, but neither are you decrepit and doddering into some home with Alzheimer's.
    • As he dodders about, still actively producing art, he relates stories from his life to his young daughter.
    • Jaques is looked upon as something of a doddering old fool by some of his younger comrades, but as Wright plays him, he's far, far more.
    • But I won't be left doddering here like some incapable ninny.
    • It is sixty years since the fall of the Third Reich, and the hunted monster is now a pathetic and doddering old man in his nineties.
    • The fact that the leader of the free world used to be a doddering old guy completely out of touch with reality seems more cute than menacing these days.
    • That's because you're a doddering old recluse who doesn't get out of the house nearly half as much as is good for you.
    • He's like a doddering old man sitting in his horse and buggy, shaking his liver spot covered fist at passing automobiles.
    • The king is a doddering old fool, and his son is so love-struck that he is not fit to be ruler of a great nation.
    • Perhaps in her doddering senility, she was subconsciously confusing it with all the dry sherry she was knocking back.
  • 2doddering present participle

    chocho informal
    you doddering old fool! ¡viejo estúpido! informal