Translation of dodo in Spanish:


dodo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdəʊdəʊ//ˈdoʊdoʊ/

nounPlural dodos, Plural dodoes

  • 1

    dodo masculine
    • The tam is thought to have evolved to survive passage through the gullet of the island's biggest, flightless bird, the dodo.
    • The dodo species consisted of three flightless branches - the dodo of Mauritius, the solitaire of Reunion island, and the Rodriguez solitaire that lived on tiny Rodriguez island.
    • One of her donations to the museum is reputed to be the only egg in existence of the extinct, flightless dodo bird.
    • First described by explorers around 1600, the dodo was extinct fewer than 80 years later.
    • A giant flightless bird like the dodo is on the extreme end of avian evolution.