Translation of doe-eyed in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈdoʊˌaɪd/


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    de dulces y grandes ojos oscuros
    • ‘I feel bad for Sy,’ he tells his doe-eyed mother.
    • A succession of handsome but bashful doe-eyed waiters brought over from Italy compounded our love for this place.
    • After a romantic daydream (not of love but of adventure) and blinking, the doe-eyed girl hugged her books to her bosom and proceeded to him with a pale face.
    • He was staring up into her eyes, in much the same way as a doe-eyed puppy would gaze at its owner, while she softly babbled away to him in an eastern European tongue.
    • Campus will be flooded with doe-eyed high-schoolers and their parents on their March breaks March 16 as they decide the future that lays ahead.
    • As I matured, I grew less and less tolerant of singing animals and doe-eyed heroines.
    • The doe-eyed actress will preside over the lamp lighting ceremony at 11.30 a.m. at the Metroplus Lifestyle Show on Thursday.
    • Though the doe-eyed beauty denied the story, the word had spread and many other stories that went with it.
    • A knock on her chamber door wrenched Sisilla from her sorrowful reverie, as a doe-eyed servant girl poked her head into the room.
    • Then things weren't the same, the life that we knew had to change, croons the doe-eyed singer.
    • The star is typically a perky, doe-eyed female in a high school uniform.
    • They showed the same concern with graffiti, T-shirt designs, doe-eyed cartoon figures, cute toys, robots and illustrations based on whimsical doodles.
    • First, I scoped out the doe-eyed first-years fresh out of high school by going undercover as one of them.
    • The shaven-headed, doe-eyed beauty was never short on shock tactics and as a result was often the target of condemnation and negative press.
    • Visibly disappointed, this doe-eyed beauty consoles herself after an unsuccessful attempt to enter the stadium yesterday afternoon.
    • To this end, they kidnap Arnie's sweet, doe-eyed little daughter in her dungarees and pink sweater, and threaten to kill her if he doesn't do what they say.
    • The actress is demure and doe-eyed but armoured with immaculate grooming as San Francisco's top wedding planner.
    • This doe-eyed beauty has acted in over 100 plays all over the UK.
    • That is, their level of lethality is inversely proportional to their proximity to any innocent, doe-eyed, child.
    • Whether one prefers pretty boys to rugged types, or strong-featured women to doe-eyed waifs, may reveal more about a person than we realize.