Translation of dog tag in Spanish:

dog tag

placa de identificación, n.


  • 1

    placa de identificación feminine
    • She was wearing a pair of army print cargoes, a plain army green tank, and a bracelet with a tiny pair of dog tags attached, just to keep with the theme.
    • He is a Special Forces veteran, and with his chiseled GI-Joe face, dangling dog tags and cut physique he looks every bit the part.
    • My hand drifts to my neck where the dog tag hangs, stating my name and rank as an officer and soldier of war.
    • In the interim, current ID cards and dog tags will be retained with Service Numbers.
    • One resident displayed what appeared to be dog tags taken from one body.
    • I think there are practical things - that's why we have dog tags - that you need to take precautions, that any time you commit American forces, there may be casualties.
    • I didn't know that they had found his dog tags, so it was very, very moving for me to get them, let me assure you.
    • The team loaded two wounded soldiers on to the helicopter and then the body of the driver, removing his dog tags before sealing the bag.
    • He pulled his Army dog tags off, the ones he wore when he was in the Gulf, and placed them around my neck.
    • Also, if in a deployed location, shouldn't one dog tag be around the neck and one on the boot?
    • They give him a uniform, boots, socks, and a dog tag with his name on it.
    • An American businessman who had visited the regional military museum here in Dandong reported that he had seen a metal identification tag or dog tag.
    • He explained how he wears a set of dog tags on his boots - as recommended by Doc, the drill sergeant in Hamburger Hill - so that his corpse could be identified if decapitated.
    • My cousin's a navy SEAL, and I can prove that I'm a marine, just look at my dog tags.
    • Some of the pilot's personal effects were also found including dog tags with his name.
    • He came to the Portland protest wearing his dead brother's combat boots and dog tags.
    • ‘People threw their medals or berets or release papers or dog tags or ribbons over the fence into a pile,’ he remembered.
    • The government recently contracted with four private companies to reinvent the dog tag, which has changed little since the armed forces made wearing them mandatory in 1913.
    • He reached down into his collar, and pulled out his dog tags.
    • They have developed an identity medal that is fashioned after a military dog tag.
  • 2

    (for dog)
    placa feminine
    • It read ‘Stewart, 1974’ and I suspect it must have been one of the dog tags for the huskies.
    • I got Sophie a dog collar and Charlie got her a dog tag.
    • This can be anything from a piece of paper with your telephone number, or a luggage tag bought to any one of the wide variety of dog tags available at your local pet shop;
    • On page 26 of the August issue, we incorrectly listed the name of the company that makes wireless dog tags.
    • The dog might just possibly have had a collar on and there was something on it that occasionally glinted in the sun that just might have been a dog tag.
    • Each copy also has a dog tag and doggie-snack (hence the name of the book) attached to the cover, to lure your lost pet home.
    • You should have an engraved metal dog tag on a metal chain which lists your full name and date of birth.
    • I heard barking and the jingling of dog tags before my golden retriever, affectionately named Sparky, bounded down the hall and jumped up to greet me.
    • I was by the back fence when I caught something reflecting, maybe her eye or her dog tag.
    • Metal dog tags really only give you space for a name and number.
    • There was a glint of silver in her collar; a dog tag.
    • Use the dog appliqué patterns and follow the General Appliqué Instructions to prepare the head, hair, muzzle, nose, collar and dog tag from the appropriate fabrics.
    • But last month, Beryl received a phone call from a woman in Southport who said she had found Toby: he was still wearing his dog tag and collar.