Translation of dogsled in Spanish:


trineo tirado por perros, n.

(dog sled)


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    trineo tirado por perros masculine
    • If you prefer a solo challenge, consider racing a dog sled over 1,100 miles of Alaskan wasteland on the Iditarod trail between Anchorage and Nome.
    • He was not a lumberjack, or a fur trader, and he didn't live in an igloo or eat blubber, or own a dog sled.
    • ‘They led the Stanley Cup into town on a dog sled,’ Oak says.
    • There is no longer a chance White Fang will ever get along with the other dogs, for he is now made leader on the dog sled.
    • Not long ago exploration didn't require much more than a dog sled, a compass, a modest stake, and a whole lot of gumption.
    • Before the advent of the snowmobile, she would run in front of the dog sled team in snowshoes to break the snow and clear a path.
    • I had enough money in the bank to buy gas, food, and perhaps rent a dog sled if it came down to that.
    • The first thing we had to do was climb into our winter suits - which looked a bit like padded overalls - and snow boots as the next leg of the journey was to take place aboard a dog sled.
    • Frederik is quite the athletic, adventurous soul - in 2000, he explored Greenland on a dog sled.
    • Among the Polar Eskimo of the Thule District, for example, the dog sled was the most important means of transportation, used up to ten months of the year.
    • Visitors can ride a dog sled on the ice path and experience first-hand this means of transport that is commonly used during the winters of Northeast China.
    • Something a tad more modern, like a car, airplane, dog sled or skateboard would be too boring for the man who plays piano by ear, paints, draws and enters triathlons despite the fact he can't swim.
    • One year a woman had to be sent to the hospital after an accident with a dog sled.
    • When Buck wins sixteen hundred dollars for his beloved friend after pulling the dog sled laden with one thousand pounds of flour, the pace of life changes.
    • Over the course of the journey, their dog sled is pursued by a hungry pack of wolves.
    • Masson confirms there are few better ways to experience the winter wonderland that is la Belle Province than from the back of a dog sled.
    • Some villages are so remote that they are accessible only by air, snowmobile, or dog sled during the winter.
    • Their tough journey sees the keen youngsters tolerating the most basic and harsh conditions including travelling over 100 miles by dog sled and surviving temperatures of 50 degrees below zero.
    • The next morning found me at the wheel, so to speak, of my dog sled.
    • Our troubled twosome hitch a dog sled to help their newfound friend retrieve his gold, all the while trying to evade a cavalcade of casino crooks.