Translation of doh in Spanish:


do, n.

Pronunciation /dəʊ//doʊ/



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    do masculine
    • Tonic sol-fa was taught as his school and, by eighth grade, he had learned to snap doh, me, sol doh (a four note major chord) and performed this musical trick at a school concert.
    • In exercise 2, the fourth note, soh of D major, becomes the new doh of A major, and is therefore given both names (sung as s'doh).
    • For example, the leading tone, the seventh note of the musical scale, known as ti (doh re me fa so la ti… doh) predicts or refers to the tonic, doh.
    • When a tune modulates, the new key note is named doh, the transition being expressed by a ‘bridge note’ with a double name.

Translation of DoH in Spanish:



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